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10 fabulous places to shop for fashion in Paris


You might get surprised by the amazing sense of fashion of the people around you.  You really want to know that how do they have this much standing sense of fashion and they are just shopping around, which actually look like that they’re walking in the park. It is pretty much easy for them to shop for fashion, without any apparent hassle. We really want to get rid of this problem and want to shop for fashion, even on a modest budget.

We all are aware of the fact that France’s capital is known for the global Center of all the style-related things.  If you want to shop for fashion then you should go to Paris. After all these monuments and museums, you are going to be attracted to the shopping places in Paris.

You know that the city is studded with fabulous stores and boutiques, what are you aware of these seven popular shopping districts in Paris?  

We can bet you are not!  In these shopping districts, you experience that these are gold mines for Fashion Victims, window Toppers, design divas, and discount Hunters likewise.

Even if you are tight on budget, you will also be able to shop without any apparent problem because in Paris it does not mean that you will need a lot of bucks in order to shop for good things.

You will be able to shop for the desired stuff with a tight budget too, as there are a lot of things for you! You will not be thinking more, just go and check style in Paris!

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the 10 fabulous places to shop for fashion in Paris, you will not regret visiting these places in Paris when you are shopping for fashion. There is no way that you will not like these amazing places because they speak for themselves. Whenever you are visiting as you should check out at least one of these amazing places so that you will be able to select the best things for you.

Find fabulous places to shop for fashion in Paris below, you need to visit them if you are in Paris. Even if you are not in Paris you should go for these fashion places, so that you can get to these fabulous shopping places and can do shopping these without having any problem.

Here you go!

1- Tuileries and Louvre District

First of all, the Tuileries and Louvre District is best for the quality cosmetic, chic home furnishing, designer fashion and much more. You can get there by the Line 7 and 14 of the Pyramides, Line 1 of the Tuileries and by the Metro Concorde!

When we talk about the main streets then there are, Place Vendome, rue de la Paix, Rue Saint-Honore, and Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore.   

Let us know more about these main streets so that you can get a better idea of what you are going to find in these astounding streets.

  • Faubourg Saint Honore: You can instantly get there from Grandeur of the Belle-Epoque and Opera Garnier, as it is just a while away from there. There are many fashion stores from where you can get the things of your choice, also without any hassle. We can say that this one is the pulse of Paris in terms of fashion and design. This district is filled with the flagship shops with all the needed things, such as trendy concept stores and boutiques.
    It is another famous place where you are going to get what you want. You can create memories here and make your time memorable and can spend your money in the right place.
    Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré starts to form Louvre and goes to the west. This street is located in the 8th arrondissement, which lies between the Place des Ternes and the Rue Royale.
    This wonderful street is known as a chic shop and fancy location. This is the place where the French President’s official residence is located.
    This place clearly tells you about the culture and values of France. So, you should visit this place once in your Paris trip as it is worth visiting!
  • The Paris Royal: You should be checking the elegant boutiques, lining the covered galleries. There are many Jewelry and art shops, and vintage shops. This district can give you an experience of old-world chic, and it is far away from central Paris’s hustle and bustle.
Faubourg Saint Honore Street

2- Grands Boulevards and the Boulevard Haussmann

First of all, this one is best for Belle Epoque department stores, and the grands magasins.

Secondly, you can get there by Line A, of RER Auber, Line 3, 7, and 8 of Opera, and Line 3, 9 of Metro Havre- Caumartin.

As far as the main street of this district is concerned, then these are Place de la Madeleine and Boulevard Haussmann.

When we talk about the old Parisian department stores then we come to know that these are quite famous for they are having new worlds in them. Let us know how this is true for these.

Boulevard Haussmann is dominant with the Printemps and Galeries Lafayette department stores. These are basically concentrating on the jewelry, home design, gourmet food shopping, the designer collection for women and men, and even you can get the hardware collections out there.

When we talk about the winter months then we come to know that there are astounding light decoration, all for the holiday season. You must not miss them in the holiday season, and you will not regret doing so.

You will also find the covered passageways of Les Arcades, you should check the high-quality boutiques and the old world elegance in this area. Moreover, the Galerie Vivienne is offering you with the luxury boutiques, all from the top designers. There are gift shops, old fashioned toy shops, and the rare bookshops as well.

There are some other arcades as well, which include the Passage Jouffroy, and which has the throwback style shops. All of these are known for their fine old jewelry and intricate antiques.

You will come across the high-end fashion shops in Boulevard Haussmann and this one is definitely the best place for the cosmetics, home decor accessories and of course, for fashion wears.

Shops in Boulevard Haussmann

3- The Marais

You are going to find the old traditional fashion shops here in the Marais. To add more into your information, Marais is best for perfumes, cosmetics, fine art galleries, antiques, handcrafted jewelry and artisan, vintage stores, high-quality chains, high fashion and eclectic.

You can get there by line 1, 11 of the Hotel de Ville, and line 1 of Metro Saint Paul.

If you want to know about the main streets of it, then rue des Rosiers, Rue de Turenne, Place des Vosges and Rue des Francs Bourgeois.

If you are fine art or antique lover then this street is for you, moreover, you will find finely crafted and unique art. Place des Vosges is best for cosmetics, fragrance, jewelry, and boutiques.

If you are a fan of gourmet goods, chocolate, and astounding teas then Marais is the best pick for you. You can get high-quality French tea and many other things you will be able to find there.

If you want to shop for fashion then Merci is known for the best and trendiest place, where you will be able to check out books accessories, home decor, women and men fashion.

You can shop any day of the week in Marais, but you should go there by Sunday morning as most of the places will be closed by Sunday but this one remains open.

You can get classic glasses and hats, with the Vintage articles and much more when you are shopping in Marais.

Shopping In The Marais

4- Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne

When we talk about the high-end designer boutiques then Avenue Montaigne is the best fit. This one is absolutely best for Sunday shopping, trendy chain stores, and the designer shopping.

Well, we can say that Champs Elysees is known for the most coveted fashion junctures, and the Avenue Montaigne is just amazing for fashion shopping. There you will find the boutiques of many legendary designers, where you will be able to get the most amazing things in terms of fashion.

Moreover, you can keep the kids happy with the Disney store out there, you also will find enough toys for kids.

This avenue is among the most famous shopping areas in Paris! You cannot afford to miss shopping in this place when you are in Paris. Other than looking too illuminated and pretty at night, you will be able to see amazing chic things in this area. You can buy the high-end clothing for you with the toys for your kids as well. You can get cosmetics, chic accessories, high-end linens and much more when you are shopping in these avenues.

Avenue de Montaigne is situated between Alma Marceau on line 9 and Franklin Roosevelt metro station on line 1 and 9. An interesting fact about this place, that it is a perfect place for shopping of footballers’ wives and girlfriend if they want to buy something for their loved ones.

Hey, are you forgetting about something? No, do not tell me!

You should go to the Eiffel Tower, the most exciting place in Paris.

Avenue Montaigne

5- Eiffel Tower:

The most modern, fascinating and fashionable store in Paris. It is opened in 2013 but with time it accepted change in fashion and different living standards and make changes according to the style and modernism.

If you are thinking that how you can go there and where is it located then you should not worry because you can find it easily by following these instructions:

First of all, I would like to tell you that it is located in the fancy 15th district. This district is not far from La Tour Eiffel and La Seine.

You will find many shops, restaurants, departmental stores and many more when you are visiting the famous Eiffel tower. Different brands shop is also located in this world famous tower.

Shopping in Paris

6- St. Germain des Pres

This one is best for the home furnishings, books, and chic classic design.

You can get there by line 10 of the Sevres Babylone, and line 4 of Metro St. Germain des Pres.

As far as the main streets are concerned then these are, Rue de Sèvres, Andre des arts, and Blvd. St. Germain.

You will find many fashion boutiques here, of the known designers.

You should not be wasting more time thinking, all you have to do is to visit here and find the best fashion for you. You will not find anything other than vintage threads, unique regional gifts, arts and crafts, and on top of all this, the fashion boutiques of the well-known designers.

This is the place where you should be going when you want to get the most amazing shopping experience in Paris. You can get casual accessories, the home decor accessories and the high-end party wears too.

If you are shopping during the summer, then you will get to have the experience of the beautiful Parisian buildings and the lush green trees along with you.

7- Rue de Rivoli and Les Halles

This one is best for the trendy boutiques and the big chain shops.

You can get there by the Line 4 of Metro Chatelet Les Halles.

The main street are Rue de Turbigo, Rue Etienne Marcel, Rue Pierre Lescot, and Rue de Rivoli.

It was a huge food market which was transformed into the big shopping area in the 20th century.

It is known for the best places to shop for fashion in Paris as is having many stores and famous boutiques. You can buy classy shoes, chic accessories and elegant fashion wear for both men and women.

To add more to your information, Les Halles was transformed from the fruit market. This place is known as the hub for the fashion lovers and if you are one of them then you should be checking the Les Halles. You will find trendy brand stores and the small boutiques in the center. You will also come across the open-air cafes where you can sit and relax while having tea.

You can get the surf wear, cosmetics and trendy clothing from Les Halles if you are out for fashion shopping.

Shopping Rue de Rivoli paris

8- Digging around Paris’s Flea Markets

Now, if you are tight on budget and you want to get the best, then you can get all of it here at the flea market. You can get all the vintage shoes and clothes, oddball items and antiques, all at the discounted prices.

You can get there by line 13 of Garibaldi and Line 4 of Metro Porte de Clignancourt.

You will find many other flea markets around the city and you can do your afternoon exploring in these markets if you want to get the best on discounted prices. You can check one flea market each afternoon so that you will be able to cover each and every one of them. These flea markets are worth spending your time when you will get the best out of them.

You can go to the Saint Ouen flea market as it is one of the oldest and largest shopping places. You can find vintage clothes and antique furniture, and anything without getting to know about the price as everything is available at discounted prices. You can get the vintages clothes, classic shoes and the antiques from this flea market.

Digging around Paris’s Flea Markets

9- The Rue du Commerce

Whenever you are stepping into any shopping street in Paris, you will see that no specific place to shop in Paris, as there are shopping streets in every other corner. From small boutiques to the popular brand shops, you will be able to find an excellent array of everything to shop shops in Rue du Commerce. You will also find many bakeries and Cafes in this area, where you can rest and can also treat your tummies.

If you really want to take the latest trends back home then you should be shopping in Rue du Commerce!

You can get dresses, skin care products, Makeup and much more from Monoprix.

You should not miss this astounding place if you want to get all of these things. You can also do window shopping here if you do not want to shop for anything. Do you know what will happen when you will do this? Well, you will be picking a few things back from your window shopping at this shopping place has a lot more to offer! You ought to find many useful things for you on the way back of your window shopping!

Rue du Commerce Paris

10- Triangle d’Or and Rue de la Paix

Are you the one who is staying or shopping in Paris and not touching this astounding Triangle D’0r, then you definitely are missing the absolutely amazing shopping experience. This will be considered as a sign that you are missing the shopping in this incredible area. You can treat the shopaholic in you when you are shopping here.

You will find the top-notch fashion designers brands here, with the amazing culture shops.

You can get designer bags, perfumes, Linens, designer jewelry and much more.

After spending money and time there, if you have more money and time, you ought to be thinking that where you can spend time and get some exciting memories.

Stop thinking! We are here to help you, we highly recommend you to go to “Rue de la Paix”.

This street is the name of quality and value. You will get everything related to your desires.

Your next question should be how can you go there and from where it will be near for you?

Hey, listen! Opéra metro station comes near to this beautiful street and you have to go from there on metro lines 3, 7 and 8.

But the notable thing is that this street is so expensive. Rent of living places is not suitable for ordinary peoples, it just suits for extraordinary earning people. Shopping stores are also not profitable and cheap for people with less salary.

From all over Paris, this place is highly expensive and not suitable for the general public.

If you have a lot of money and you can manage shopping at this place then you should go there but if not then simply avoid this place, there are more beautiful and famous places. We are definitely going to tell you about many other places that are worth visiting for you in Paris even if you are tight on budget!

Rue de la Paix Paris

All you have to do is to keep reading!

What is the best way to enjoy Paris? A guide to shopping in Paris!

Whenever you hear anything about Paris, you definitely are going to find something about fashion as it is known to be the fashion capital of the world. No matter whom you are asking, ask them about Paris, some of them will tell you about romance, some will tell you about the amazing food, but all the others will be of the view that you will be able to find fashion all around in Paris.

Let us know how you can shop like a Pro in Paris! So, that whenever you are up for shopping in Paris you are already aware that what, how and where to shop in Paris.

The department stores

Oh, are you thinking that why the department stores are on the list? Well, do not worry, we will make you understand why departmental stores are on the list. We all are aware of the fact that Paris is known for the artisan districts and fashion boutiques as we have mentioned earlier.

You still are able to find the departmental stores for all your needs!

You will find the department stores of over 100 years of age, many popular fashion week shows held there!

Your shopping experience will never get completed when you have left the Le Bon Marche, you should visit this amazing department store. There is no way that you can complete your shopping trip without visiting the astounding department stores.

The shopping boutiques

Well, of course, the shopping boutiques comes first whenever a person is thinking to go shopping. If you want to look for the high and luxury fashion then you surely are going to find the iconic boutiques in Paris. This is all due to the bespoke garments and the individual charm there, that there are many boutiques on the way when you are out for shopping.

As we have mentioned earlier you can easily find the high-end boutiques in Paris, with a wide range of fashion and casual wears available. You will be attracted towards these amazing boutiques, and they can appeal anyone out, moreover, there are also cafes with a terrace so that you can rest and treat your tummy.

You can easily can the desired fashion in these amazing fashion boutiques, you should go there once and you will not regret your decision of doing so.

The shopping streets

Now, comes the turn of the startling and amazing shopping streets in Paris, let us discuss more them. You will find the biggest names in the high fashion, in these shopping streets, you should be checking them once.

You will find the shopping streets in Paris, one of the most revered and stylish areas.

The high street shopping

If you want to look for the biggest names when it comes to fashion, then you should be going shopping in the high street. You will see the biggest fashion regarding brand names in these streets, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Dior. Moreover, you will come across the world’s leading houses of fashion which makes this area the most appealing one when it comes to shopping.

We discussed a lot about shopping in Paris, hope you will enjoy it and get many benefits from your trip to Paris.

You should not think that there are just these above things, there are more exciting things for shopping and living for you in Paris!

You can enjoy the famous and great brands like Louis Vuitton or Lance. On the other hand, you will enjoy your living in most luxurious hotels in Paris.

You can enjoy different eating spots there like McDonald’s, Promo, Burger King and other big food corners that are well-known and famous for tasty food.


Now you are full with all the shopping information related to Paris and it is quite near that you are going to Paris and do dressing with its products and feel like that you are also a real Parisian!

After sharing so much information we would love to advise you that if it possible for you then you should avoid shopping on Saturdays in Paris. Because you will face a lot of crowds there in the streets of Paris and your shopping experience may become bad and disappointing due to the rush of people around you.

So, simply avoid this!

If you want to know how can you spend a weekend in Paris, it is absolutely not difficult to know that!

You can spend your Saturdays by joining a Walking Tour of Le Marais and we are a hundred percent sure that you will enjoy this. You can join these trips without paying any single penny. These are totally free and you will join these trips for a 90-minute visit. You will listen to attractive and joyful stories, which fascinate you completely. These trips take place every Saturday at 2:30 pm in the heart of Paris.


Now you are aware of this fact that how Paris is the fashion shopping capital of the world, and how you can get each and everything there if you are a Shopaholic. From sassy dresses to elegant shoes and classy bags, you can get everything, so that you can get an amazing look from head to toe.

So, if you are planning to go to Paris, or already are in Paris, then you should be following the guide to the X fabulous places to shop for fashion in Paris.

You definitely are going to get the extraordinary shopping experience when you will visit a few of the above-mentioned shopping places.

You will not have to be aware of each and everything about fashion when you are shopping in Paris, as Paris has the ability to get you through thick and thin of fashion. You can compete with your competitors when it comes to fashion wear when you are shopping in Paris. You can surprise them with your amazing fashion shopping, all that you have done in Paris.

Moreover, with the guide for shopping in Paris, you can easily get the best things, and you now know how to shop for fashion in Paris.

With the amazing guide on how to shop in Paris, you definitely are going to have the best shopping experience when you are in the city of romance and love.

We told almost everything about shopping in Paris. We have discussed lots of shopping places with exact locations. You definitely are going to find the exciting and fascinating things in this article and enjoyed all the information. I hope all of this is the complete information about Paris will be useful for you and if you will go there whenever you have time then this information will help you.

Now, we are closing this article up with a thanks note for reading this article fully!

Even after reading this article you face any problem in searching for anything or any place then do not hesitate to contact us and we would love to share more information and solve your problems.

Another thing, if you have already visited there and had some information which is not mentioned in the article or we have missed, then you must share with us and help the other people so that they will thank you for such an effort!

Frequently asked Questions about shopping in Paris

What is the difference between shopping London and Paris?

We all know that every city is famous for its own trends, and have its own trendsetters who are different from each other. While Paris offers the street trends, as well as the chic fashion in the boutiques, the city of London, offers the big stores and high-end brands, which also located far from each other. When we talk about the price difference in both cities then we come to know that London is a bit expensive when we compare the prices with Paris.

What is the difference between shopping Rome and Paris?

You should not expect many bargains when you are shopping in Rome, but we can say that shopping in Rome is offering you cheaper price tags when we compare it with Paris. You definitely will find the best Italian style things in Rome.

What are the best things for the souvenirs to buy in Paris?

Well, when we talk about shopping for souvenirs in Paris, then we come to know that they can buy, keyrings, miniature Eiffel towers, post cars, macaroons, scarfs, and beret. All of these things are known to be the best thing you can buy as the souvenirs when you are in Paris.

When is the sale period in Paris every year?

Well, you can easily find the things on a very less price in the streets, but still, if you want to visit in the sales period, then it is from the end of June to the start of the month of August.

When is the fashion week every year?

As far as the fashion week is concerned, we come to know that it usually happens in the month of October every year. You will find it the trendiest and the most incredible fashion week in the whole world if you are a fashion lover.



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