10 tips for visiting Disneyland Paris as an adult

Who does not know about the one and only Disneyland Paris, it does not even need any sort of introduction because the whole world is crazy about it. There is hardly anyone in this world who does not want to visit the Disneyland Paris. Whoever plans to go to Paris, will always desire to visit to the Disneyland Paris. This is the only place where the adults and children can enjoy equally with no regrets at all. Also, everyone knows about the fact that it a huge place and it does take time to explore it all. Due to which sometimes the people get confused that what they should do over there, what to explore first and all that. It is almost impossible to visit it just for a day, and explore it all.

It is suggested that at least you should have two to three days to explore the Disneyland Park and the Disneyland studios. Even if you accept the challenge to explore it in a day, you stay confused about the things you can do there. Especially in the case where you are visiting it for the first time, you get excited and waste your time and end up leaving without doing the fun things.

Disneyland Park

First of all, you should never go to a place without doing a lot of research up on the facts and figures about it. Same is the case with Disneyland, you might be thinking that there is no need to research on it because everyone can go and have fun there, which is true to some extent.

The fact that people normally go to places with family, which makes it more difficult because of the time management. So, it is suggested that you should know everything about the place before planning a visit because it saves your time and lets you explore more than you have thought. Let’s have a brief introduction of the place.

An overview and brief introduction of the Disneyland Paris:

So basically, there are two parts of the Disneyland Paris that are two major parts. The names of birth of the parks are the Disneyland Park and the Disney Studio world respectively. Talking about the Disney Studio world it is known that it closes before the Disneyland Park does. If we talk about the Disneyland Park then that is further divided into four sub- parks.  

The names of them are Discovery land, fantasyland, Frontier land and Adventureland. One can get the idea of the activities these Park has to offer, from their names. like for example the adventure land and the Frontier land, as the name suggest a more about adventure, games and those adventurous rides which are best for the adults and they will should be interested in it.

While other two parts named as fantasyland and Discovery land can be enjoyed along with the kids. If we only talk about the fantasy land then it especially for the small kids because of the cartoon characters and the child friendly rides. The discovery land on the other hand is suitable for the kids that are 4 to 5 years old…

How you can make yourself enjoy most of Disneyland:

In order to enjoy most of the Disneyland Paris you have to get your tickets in the advance of both of the parks. The booking of the ticket is really simple you can easily book your Disneyland Paris tickets online, in the category of one day two parks ticket. This will help you a lot in saving your time and enjoying a lot.

Because it is known to everyone that it is one of the most crowded and attractive places of Paris and due to which tickets are hardly available, normally they are sold out. So it is a better option to book the tickets in advance that will save you a lot of time and it won’t be heard for you and your family. In case you book it on the spot, they will end up frustrating you and your family.

Disneyland Park Sky View

The simple thing that you can do is, install the Disneyland Paris app on your phone. The Disneyland Paris app can be downloaded both by the Android and iPhone users. And there is no doubt that this app is very helpful in case you have the data enabled. The app helps you in seeing the rides. With the help of the app who are able to see the crowd at each of the rides. By using the app you can easily decide which right you should go for next.

Another best advice is that you should take a map of Disneyland Paris along with you, during your visit.  Disneyland Paris map are available at the information Centre that is situated inside b area of Disneyland Paris. You will get to know where to get them from once you into there. The mass can be really helpful because you will know the right path, you won’t be lost because the park is huge. It is very easy to manage the time when you know the way directions.

Apart from the rides, the map also shows you where the Hotels are, interview about all the refreshment centers restrooms and restaurants that are situated across the park. So whenever you need to visit one you can easily look into the Map and reach there.

Sometimes, these are the most asked questions by the visitors that what should be done when we do not know the directions. Where to find the restrooms and hotels etc. So, the easy answer to all these questions is that all you have to do is download the app of Disneyland and get the map and you are all good to go. These things really help you in saving time and enjoying most of it. It saves you from the stress and frustration that can be caused in case you are not able to find the restroom of refreshment Centre on time. It can be a trouble when you have kids along with you, because managing to find restroom along with the enjoyment can be a hectic task.

Let’s talk about the 10 tips that can help you enjoy your Disneyland Paris tour, even if you are an adult. Nobody thinks of Disneyland Paris as a place only for kids, because person of any age can go and enjoy over there.

The reason behind it is that there is always a kid inside you loves Disneyland. Apart from that all the things that are in Disneyland a part of everybody is childhood. So, the age really doesn’t matter while you are visiting Disneyland. But still there are few tips that can help you enjoy it better without wasting your time. Here are the following 10 tips:

1- Do not hesitate to go to spa:

How does not preferred spa over anything else. It is suggested for you that whenever you are visiting Disneyland Paris before heading towards the park you should get rid of all the stress and responsibilities. Is Disneyland is all about having a child like experience you have to keep all the responsibilities of adulthood at home.

One way of doing it is a relaxing massage at a spa. Forgetting the best facials and pedicure you can go to Disneyland hotels celestia spa. In case you have your kids along with you, there is no need to worry about because you can even request a special “my first spa” package for your little ones. Buy getting that package your kids can join you at the spa.

There is another choice that you can make them join you for Child-parent tandem treatment!

Disneyland hotels Celestia spa

2- The parade is one thing you never should miss:

During your visit to Disneyland Paris you have to catch the  parade at least once, reason behind it that the parade are an integral part of life at the Disneyland Paris. You should know the fact that there is a specific times when the parade comes out, from the main street of the Disneyland Park. This is the one thing that you should not miss and most catch it. You have to catch it one, it happens frequently on decided times.

You must be wondering that what happens in that parade, the parade is all full of your favorite Disney characters together dance for you, March and greet all the audiences that are present there. There is so much of music and dance, this makes an environment that is out of this world.

Even if you are adult you don’t want to message because your inner child will come out and would really want to dance along. Once you experience the parade you want it to happen every day, or at least you would wish that it should go on all day.

But here is an important tip for you, that there is no doubt that it is full of entertainment, it decreases the rush at the rides. Due to most of the people participating and the parade, the crowd at the rides decrease. This is the right time for you to go and have a wonderful time enjoying the rides.

The parade Disneyland

3- The best thing is to decide your rides before going:

Just like you a plan for the whole visit, you should decide about the rides beforehand as well. Because there are so many rides that you do not want to miss on you tour. There are many other rides that you don’t even know about but are literally amazing so you should plan accordingly. Your plan should include the priority list of the rides that you do not want to miss at any cost.

But here we want to make it clear that it is impossible to cover all the ride in a single day. You will definitely have to miss few of them in order to enjoy the priority ride.  You can assemble the list according to your family members like for example priority rides for the kids, priority rides for the adults. Also you should write the activities that you kids and you can enjoy together.

Here are few examples that you can choose for your kids like for instance Alice’s curious Labyrinth, Dumbo the flying elephant, flying carpets, Sleeping Beauty Castle, meeting with their favorite Mickey Mouse etc.  And for yourself you can choose the big thunder mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and many other.

There will be many rides that you do not want to miss but due to the crowd, you will avoid it. Your only concern should be that you enjoy the rides that are available without any hassle.

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

4- Where to live:

In terms of the accommodation it is suggested for you to stay on a site. People who have visited their already have said that you can only love away from the site if you have the stamina of a mule. The days that you are going to spend at Disney are always long and tiring because you have to rush from one attraction to another.

Going here and there home make you tired but you will realize it at night, not when you are exploring Disneyland. When the time will come and the park would be closed, the only thing you’re the feeling is stress, and you will be exhausted and all you want at that time is your bed. It’s not about just Disney, wherever you go I need a very nice accommodation place that is near to the site.  

Talking about Disneyland here is benefit of staying in the Disney hotels and that is that you don’t have to worry about the parking lots. The Hotels that are providing accommodation at the in complementary buses service that takes you from the resort and bring you back. Another benefit is that you will enjoy the magic time because the guest that stay at the Disney hotel are able into the park earlier than other people.

You are allowed to enter an hour earlier if you are staying at one of the Disney hotels. You have to keep in your mind that during the magic time most of the rides will be closed. But there will be virus that won’t be closed and you can enjoy them without any Rush.

For your convenience there are few examples like the Buzz Lightyear laser blast is one of the rides that will be open in the magical hour.  You will only have to tolerate a 5 minute queue, for in the normal as there is a typical 40 minutes queue.

The example is star wars and Hyperspace Mountain that will be open in the magical hour are you can enjoy those rides without any hurdle. In order to check which rides are open and which are closed you have to go to the information board that is situated in the plaza.  

It is situated right in front of the Sleeping beauty’s Castle where you can find all the information’s about the rides that you can enjoy in the magical hour.

The Buzz Lightyear Disneyland

5- You must be worried about the food and snacks:

There are many packages that you can book before going to Disney for instance then Disney has to offer you a package named as “all you can eat Buffet”. It is dependent upon you that which package you go for but you have to request the dining times whenever you arrive at Disney. You should not get shocked that upon reaching there you will still have to struggle for the availability of the restaurants.

It can happen with you so here is the pro tip, book you’re sitting as soon as you reach. Talk about the timings of the breakfast and the breakfast starts at 7 and you also have the opportunity to avail the magic time hour.  It is suggested to book the slot because you will have no other choice. The Studios at Walt Disney open around 8:00 a.m., but you should check the time according to your dates. The Disneyland opens at 8:30 a.m., in case you are a one dream that how much time does it take from the bus depot to the Disneyland, then it’s hardly 5 to 10 minutes’ walk.

So, for the breakfast it is suggested that you should finish it till 7:30 because it is the ideal time if you want to visit the park early.

After enjoying the time at Disney you will have to think about your lunch or we can say dinner. It is recommended to enjoy the snacks while you are visiting the park and enjoying the rides.  The ideal time is around 4:30 or 6:30 that you eat something.

The time you spend over there will be all worth it and by the time that you come back to the place where you are staying all you will want is sleep. In case you want to enjoy a buffet in the parks you can have one there around the hotels. But, in the case of the buffet, you have to do the bookings early because of the limited availability.

All You Can Eat Buffet Disneyland

6- Pro tip: Do not go for the Two for one park pass:

We are giving you this suggestion because this past is useless unless you have plan to visit only for one day. The two for one park pass is only suitable for the people who are visiting the park for one day and have to get most of the enjoyment in only one day.

If you are planning to go only for one day it is obvious that you won’t be able to see all the attractions, but only if you select advance. It is a recommendation that you will save a few euros if you opting for one Park one day tickets. for instance if you are going for 3 to 4 days then this pass will allow you to visit both Park every day, this will allow you to see all the attractions and get some rest as well.

The travelers always suggest to visit Disneyland for few days because it’s never enough.

7- Consider the usage of fastpass:

Before you are planning to visit to Disneyland you should know about this fact that they are many of the attractions at the Disneyland Paris do support the fast pass. The concept of the fast pass is same as the concept of the tokens that you get at some restaurant or Bank. To make it more clear, this concept can be explained that when you are going for rides you get a token number. But, with the help of the fastpass you get a pre-designated time, they will be printed already on your fast pass. The purpose of getting this fast pass is that you do not have to wait in the rush while you are going to take the rides.  

The time printed on the first pass in shows that you have to return back to the attraction at that time, and it says you from waiting in the queue. Why we are recommending to get the fast pass is that it helps you in two ways.

The one way is that it does save your time why you want to go on the rides, because you do not have to wait in the queue because there is already a pre designated time mentioned on your fast pass. The second way is that the time you have saved by utilizing the fast pass can be used in taking the other rides that you might have missed due to the rush.

In order to get the fastpass, all you have to do is insert to Disneyland ticket into the cost of the machine, you can find the fastest machine near the attraction and you will get the time printed. It is very suitable for those people that are visiting Disneyland for only one day or two.

Fastpass Ticket Disneyland

8- You have to be prepared in case you are travelling with the kids:

There is no doubt that it is a place for the kids to enjoy but still, you have to be prepared, because it’s obvious that you are traveling with kids and you have to be extra careful. Whenever you are traveling with kids to Disneyland Paris it is very difficult for you to manage in case you are getting the one day 2 Park trip.  It is suggested that whenever you are going with kids then go for like few days, the all of you can enjoy the most of Disneyland.

You have to be prepared in the matter of keeping the kids Essentials for you like extra pair of dress in case the one they are wearing is ruined. Also you have to keep water bottles and snacks along with you are visiting the Disneyland Park.

If your kid is a toddler then you have to keep a stroller with you as well. But you know how hard it is to manage the stroller in the Disneyland. There is no other option but to keep US dollar with you because there is a lot of walking in the Disneyland which is not possible for the kids. It support it that in case you have kids with you should carry a stroller because it would be a best season of your life. In case you do not have one you can read it out from the shop.

The shop is situated right after the entrance of the Disneyland Park. When you enter the Disneyland Park and go towards the Disney studio that is the time and you have to submit the store back. But as soon as you enter the Disneyland Studio you have the option to rent it again with the same receipt. In this procedure you do not have to pay twice so don’t worry.

The best part of renting a stroller out is that you do not have to carry it tell the hotel. Of another benefit is that you get will be able to take a nap in this true love while you are enjoying. This house the kid tourist and wake up refreshed.

Man With Kid At Disneyland

9- Staying up late , enjoying the nights:

This is possible when you do not have kids along with you, or you can drop off the kids at the hotel if you feel safe. But it is highly recommended to stay up late and enjoy the night at Disneyland Paris. We are saying this because the fun is not over, most of the people think that the one is over as soon as the fireworks have fizzled out. But this is not the reality because when the kids of the park have closed for the evening you should go to the Disney village because you will get the late night excitement over there.

Other options are that you can definitely get a concert at Billy Bob’s country western saloon.  There are many other options to enjoy the night like you can have a cold Brew at laid-back Sports Bar. A trip to Disneyland does not mean that you should only see the cartoon characters but you can also go and watch movie at Gaurmont cinema complex.  

There is another exciting so waiting for you  at Buffalo Bills Wild West show, where you can have the best time of Your Life by enjoying tasty food and drinks along with the entertainment. you can also had towards the planet Hollywood there you can have the Happy Hour drink specials that are served to the customers after  10 p.m.

10- Do not miss the shows:

There are many shows that Disney have plan for your entertainment. The shows take place throughout the day and there are many performances that you do not want to miss. There are many concerts, plays that do take place at the Disneyland, to make sure that the people who are visiting should get most of the entertainment here.

It is a dream for everyone to go and enjoy at Disney. We have already mentioned that one should never ever even think of missing the parade. The parade is one of the best things that Disney has to offer, apart from that the lights show is a steal. The light show can make it an unforgettable memory for you. Also, most of the time Disneyland is following the seasonal themes which can make you lucky if you visit there. It is obvious that one cannot catch the same seasonal theme twice even you decide to come back later the same year.

You have to enjoy your heart out, let your inner child express itself proudly and loudly. Do not hold back, sing and dance along with your favorite childhood character because it is an experience of a lifetime. When you will look around you will see the happiness because people of all ages dance and sing happily there.

You will not be the only one singing and dancing your heart out but there will be many around you. It gives you all the positive vibes in the world when you do not get to see the sad and frustrated faces. Disneyland is known as the happy, you should make your trip worth it.

Frequently asked Questions

Additional FAQ and information for your convenience:

  1. What are the opening and closing times?
    In case you need to know about the latest information on the closing and opening times of the Disneyland Park, and all the recent operational rides oh you need any sort of information on commute and stay. We would suggest you to visit the Disneyland website that has all the information listed for your convenience. The reason why it is suggested to visit the website is because the frequent changes are updated over there.
  2. What to wear?
    You have to keep in mind that you should wear something comfortable, specifically in shoes. The reason that you have look for the comfort as because there is a lot of walking there.
  3. Is there any need to take something?
    It is suggested that you should carry to refill Water bottles along with you while you are visiting Disneyland Park.  You will be able to refill them because there are ample places where you can full the bottle or drink the water from the tap directly.
  4. What if I have my kids along with me?
    In case you have your kids along with you then the entrance should be made through the main street of Disneyland Park and then you should have towards the fantasy Land Park.
  5. How it is after the renovation?
    After the renovation of the Disneyland Paris that is took place this year, you will be able to witness the Parade on the main street. Due to the renovation it’s better and bigger than before.
  6. What about the weather there?
    Many people question about the weather, it is to be kept in mind that it’s Chilly here as compared to Paris. It is suggested that you should visit in spring because it won’t be cold call hot at that time it would be a normal temperature. The weather in the Apple is very cold and chilly, you will feel there that the wind is slapping your face. The area of the Disneyland is quite open and it’s not covered we have to be prepared according to that.
  7. When the Christmas theme is kept?
    Another frequently asked question is that till when the Christmas theme is kept. The answer to this question is that the Disneyland Park follows the seasonal theme of Christmas 6th of January.  This is the time when most of the people want to visit it and make their vacations worth it.
  8. Is Disney closed any day in the week or month?
    So in case you are wondering that there are any days when Disney is closed?  The answer is know that Disney is always open even on the New Year is and even on the Christmas.
  9. What about the New Year celebrations?
    In case you are wondering about the New Year celebrations then you should know about the fact that Disney holds a New Year celebration. The New Year celebration take place at 6:30, it is a ticketed event. You have to get your passes before you and there because without that you are not able to enter to the event.
  10. Is there any seasonal theme?
    Yes, there are seasonal themes that take place at Disney but not often in a year. You should get the information about the theme before because you might not be able to witness it again in the year. You must have your favorite character or event. Mostly people love the celebrations that take place on the new year and the theme that is arranged for the Christmas

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