15 Things to do in Paris at night alone

Paris is known as the city of light, love, dance and kiss. That’s why, most of the couple, around the world, choose this city for their honeymoon, and celebrate their love and wedding. But this does not mean that this city is not made for solo travelers. This city of romance that inspired the lovebirds to travel here has an equal opportunity to enjoy if you are coming to Paris alone. Especially, the whole city looks more beautiful during the night.

Eiffel tower is indeed the identity of the Paris but the city is also famous for stunning monuments and great architectures which turn the whole city into a magical place as soon as the sun goes down. This is why Paris is known as the City of Lights. So, if you coming to Paris alone then enjoy the day to explore the natural beauty of the Paris and surrounding but save some energy to for Paris after dark and experience those which you have never seen before in your life.

Usually, when we talk about exploring the beauty of Paris, we talk about the day time activities, photography and exploring the natural things where Paris is known as the City of Light. So, we suggest you explore Paris in the day as well as in the night to enjoy your tour to Paris in its true meaning. In the night, the city has something different and more enjoyable for the tourists in term of more attractions, food, drinks, and theater, etc.

Here we are sharing the list of things to do in Paris at night alone. Whether you are male or female, this list will suit both of you and you can make your trip to Paris memorable. Whether you are a person who likes to enjoy clubbing, exploring nature at night or spend some quality time with your own soul, out the list of things to do in Paris at night alone will give you some really good ideas and help you to pick some good spots in advance. We are not categorizing our list to nature, restaurants, attractions, clubs, and bars but sharing them in random order and leave it on you to decide which is more suitable to go when traveling Paris alone.

1 – Louvre Museum and Palace of Paris:

These two are the most spectacular places in Paris to visit at night. You probably seen the beautiful building made from glass in your life but not like the Louvre of Paris at night. The whole area next to the Louvre gets changes when the glowing glasses pyramid dominating Cour Napoleon. Visiting the Louvre Museum is also a great idea at night if you reached there to see the Louvre Palace. It is less crowded in the night while you can spend enough time there to explore the artwork under the light of the moon.

The Louvre Museum keeps open from 9 AM to 9:45 PM on Wednesday and Friday only. We suggest you reach there earlier and do not just wait for the doors of the Museum to open and explore the surrounding.

Louvre Museum

2 – Ménilmontant and Gambetta

This district of Paris has something special and mostly free for the tourists. It is touching both the 20th and 11th arrondissements and features some lively streets packed with bars. Some of these bars even have outdoor sitting to enjoy the drinks and live music. It is also known as the most affordable and free traps for the tourists to enjoy the quality time with others especially when they are traveling alone.

While the place is full of the bars, but some of the best bars are Le Lou Pascalou, La Bellevilloise, L’International, and Le Cafe Noir. These bars have some old cafeterias and attract artists and the local crowd for the glass of wine or cup of wine.

3 – Moonlit walk along Seine River:

Whether its day or night, the walk along the Seine River is always very relaxing. At night, the colors of the river turn into a magical land which makes it the Paris Most Beautiful Avenue to visit at night. Even if you are with the shortage of the time, still, do not miss to take a moonlit walk along the Seine River’s banks. There are many other tourist sites to see when you walk from Notre Dame to Les Invalides. It is hard to forget the magical moments when having a moonlit walk.

Bateaux Parisiens Les Bateaux Mouches are popular attractions in the Paris where you can enjoy the Paris night, moon sight, cocktail in the hand while taking a ride on a cruise. You will not be alone on the moonlit walk, even the locals love to walk in the night along the river because of its beautiful view. Many people come here for jogging in the night and early morning. If you are a sun person, then some here before it goes completely dark and sees the sun setting and capture some stunning photos.

Seine River

4 – Nightlife at Oberkampf:

Whether you are coming to a couple, group or as a solo traveler, this district of Paris is must to explore. It is not something a new place but popular since 90s due to its night culture which attracts both the tourists and local. Defiantly, this place is good to go throughout the week. Oberkampf is popular for the trendy and young Parisian set. In the 90s, it was the coolest place to explore and enjoy, yet Oberkampf remains favorite of many. That’s why it is overcrowded.

There is no special cafe or bar to enter as all of the venues there has something different and unique to offer. Some of our favorite picks for Oberkampf are L’Alimentation Generale, Café Charbon, Panic Room, Pop In and Au Chat Noir. These places are not limited to the nightlife only but also good to visit in the daylight.

5 – Nightlife photography in Paris:

Photography and traveling are not really two things. Some tourists only travel to capture the beauty around the world. How about capturing the nightlife of Paris in the camera? If you are a person who likes to take photos, then there is no better place to capture the Paris in the night as the city is famous for its lights which turn the whole city in a magical land. You can visit the popular attractions of the night and take a totally different photo. If you want to capture the lights of the whole city, then there is no better place then Eiffel Tower which gives the totally magical look of the whole city.

We suggest you take the right photography gadgets to capture the right photos. Bring all the accessories or purchase a new one from the local market in Paris. You can even take help from professional photographers at popular tourists’ avenue for your photos.

Nightlife photography in Paris

6 – Be at Bastille:

Bastille is one of the busiest, noisy and overcrowded areas of the Paris. It is best if you are looking for a lively party. You can do different things there as the nightlife at Bastille is a mix of classy nightclubs, traditional cafes, music venues, and dive bars, etc. You can also enjoy their Merengue and Salsa dance. But to enjoy all these, you need to enter a club, bar or cafe. If you got some time, then you need to be at Bastille to explore life with full of energy and overcrowded people.

We recommend you to be the places like Le Motel, Tape bar, Le Balajo, Les Furieux, and Sans Sanz. Every one of these has something different to offer. Some of these paces also have DJ or option of live music where other bars offer some cheap drinks etc.

Bastille Paris

7 – Parisian Cabarets

Parisian Cabarets? Yes, you read the right. For some people, it is an old stylish thing to watch while it does not and it is the main attraction of Paris’s nightlife. It is fun and entertaining to see the crazy girls dancing, singing and juggling, etc. There isn’t any difficult to find a place with the cabarets. The most of Dine in and out options in Paris has an option for it. Whether you are at Lido or Moulin Rouge, you can find the best cabarets in Paris.

This is probably a late night activity to do while enjoying the dinner or having a good glass of your favorite drink in a bar.

8 – Taste the verity of wine with professionals:

France is known as the best region of wine testing where Paris is its hub. You can taste the world best, vintage and exclusive wine in Paris along with an informative master in a wine glass. There is no special requirement to join a few hour wine classes in Paris where there are dozens of wine classes available for the tourists to make their experience more exclusive. The professional sommelier of the wine classes come from different part of Paris and help the tourists to enjoy a totally new and unique wine tasting experience. Usually, these tours included a platter of cheese to complete the wine tasting experience. So do not just expect some branded wine to taste but also the best quality cheese of Europe too.

You can also bring the wine to your home country if you like any special French vintage wine there. There are wine packaging companies available to make it possible for you.

9 – Opera in Paris at night:

Palais Garnier was built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera. If you are a person who likes to enjoy the Opera, then you need to be at Opéra Garnier Paris for the right program to enjoy your night in Paris alone. The building itself is attractive enough for the tourists to spend the quality time while exploring the decoration and architecture. To make the whole experience of the Opera, you can grab a glass of champagne and enjoy the stunning and inspiring gallery in Versailles Palace. Make sure to book your ticket in advance as it is one of the main attractions of Paris and no tourist like to miss it.

If Opera is not your thing, still the Opéra de Paris night tour is a great place to explore in term of history, decoration, architecture and much more. Many people come to this place only for exploring and seeing its beautiful decoration rather than just enjoying the live Opera.

Paris National Opera

10 – Don’t miss the French cuisine:

French cuisine is famous all around the world. France is also the birthplace of many world-popular dishes whether it’s seafood, fast food or some exclusive 5 meal courses. Paris is an ideal place to enjoy French cuisine in one place. You do not need to enter an expensive restaurant to enjoy a good meal in Paris. Its restaurants are open for both, lunch and dinner till late at night. If you are not sure that what you should eat to taste the real food of France, simply ask the chef to serve you the best in their restaurant.

While enjoying the meals in the restaurants of Paris, do not miss to enjoy the local street food in Paris as well. The street food is not just cheap, but it is more fun to see your food cooked in front of you and get a totally new experience.

11 – The beauty of Eiffel tower at night

Eiffel tower is the main attraction in Paris. Usually, people visit this place during the day as there are different things to do including watching the local street artists who are performing around the Eiffel tower. The Eiffel Tower gives a totally magnificent look as soon as the sun goes down. If you are looking to take the best photos of Eiffel, then daylight is not really the right time but dark night when the whole Eiffel tower turn into the red light and become the main attraction of the city.

We suggest you reach there before the sunset as you will able to capture some of the best shots there. You can think about spending some alone time there and feel the breeze, view, landmarks, and lights of the city. This will gives a totally unique experience to the solo travelers at the time. There much option to eat around the Eiffel tower so come here with some good amount of time as you are probably going to love it more in the night.

Eiffel Tower At Night

12 – Enjoy the drink at rooftop bar:

You can get a perfect view of the city of the light right from the top of a building which has a rooftop bar. The trend of rooftop bars in the city of Paris is quite old and most famous for its Nightlife, views, and meeting with the strangers. You can also see the landmarks that define the city right from any random rooftop bar or restaurant. This activity can be only done in the nights of summer as it is very cold in the winter. So, if you want to enjoy this experience alone in Paris, then make sure to visit Paris in the months of summer. There are a penalty of rooftop restaurants and bars in the Paris which have enough place to entertain every person who wants to sit there and enjoy the drink along with a beautiful view of the city and landmarks that define the city.

13 – Explore the streets of Paris in a vintage car:

This is the most unique experience which hardly to enjoy any other part of the world. You can actually rent a vintage car in Paris and ask the driver or guide to show you the nightlife of Paris in the car. You can enjoy the bottle of champagne while admiring the beauty of Paris in the night. The car can take you almost all the popular venues of the Paris which include Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe, etc. This tour is not just about fun and entertainment but informative too. The drivers are very friendly toward the tourists and make sure to enjoy them by passing by the important places which tourists must explore in the night.

If you want to see the rich culture of Paris, then there is no better thing to take a ride on the vintage car. You will able to meet the locals and also able to enjoy the street food. You do not need to pay extra for it. Simply ask the driver to stop on a specific place for 2-3 minutes to buy some local food or take photos of the surroundings.

Vintage Car Paris

14 – Jump in a deep pool in Paris at night:

Usually, swimming is associated with the light but here in Paris, there is still a place to enjoy swimming late at night. If you want to end your busy day in Paris with some laps then you need to head to the 5th Arrondissement of Paris. This place has been built in 1934. This vintage building has a pool which opens until midnight from Monday to Friday. This is a proper pool with changing cabins and the huge glass ceiling and mosaic frescoes. The proper address of this place is 19, rue de Pontoise 75005 Paris or you can ask for the building and drive take you there.

This pool only opens in the summer on weekdays. Do not expect to enjoy this activity in the winter. If you are staying in a non-pool hotel, then this is also a great place to enjoy the swimming experience. I suggest you include this activity at the end of your late night activity in Paris so you can get good sleep after that.

Pontoise pool 5th Arrondissement of Paris

15 – BONUS: be in the naughty nightclubs of Paris:

The nightclubs of Paris are most open-minded. Even people from America, Canada, Australia, and other EU countries travel to Paris just because of the exclusive nightlife of Paris which can be only enjoyed in the nightclubs. No, it is not just about the nude nightclubs, sex, and dates but the nightclubs in Paris also offer a great opportunity to make new friends who traveled from a different part of the world. You can enjoy drinks with them and share some talk. You can also get some free travel tips from the other tourists who may share their experience with you.

If you want to be a bit naughty in Paris while traveling alone, the nightclubs of Paris is the best place which is also safe for both; male and female. You can enter in any theme or non-commercial club for date and other things.

FAQ: Things to do in Paris at night as a solo traveler:

If you never traveled to Paris alone especially to explore its nightlife, then you need to get yourself informed about some important things. This FAQ section has been made for this purpose. It will also help you to get an answer to some important questions which you must have in your mind if you are planning to travel to Paris alone.

What is the best time to visit Paris for nightlife alone?

Throughout the year, you can enjoy dozens of different activities in Paris at night. But if you are looking for an exclusive experience, then there is no better time or months than April to June and October to early November. In short, the months of summer are the best time to explore the beauty of Paris even at night. If you are looking for cheap flights then December to February are best months but unfortunately, you may not able to do many things due to snow and cold weather. So, we suggest you book your ticket for any month from April to June.

Is it worth to do things in Paris at night alone?

Yes, more than just worth because of late night attractions and many activities to enjoy. The nightlife of Paris is not about just sex, drinks and dates, but this city has a totally unique experience to offer to the tourists in the night. The City of Lights turns in to a magical land in the night and many new places get opened just for the entertaining purpose. Even if you cannot afford to eat and drink in expenses places, you can enjoy the nightlife of Paris on Main Square by enjoying the local food and eating next to the river bank, etc.

What is the dress code of Paris nightlife?

Paris does not have any specific dress code to explore it in the night. Wear comfortable cloth according to the weather. Light colors, with comfortable fabric, will make your whole experience easy to go. You can come up with a verity of shorts to explore Paris in the summer as it is quite hotter here in the summer. If you are planning to visit a nightclub, then pick some classy and trendy outfits to match with the environment and other people. Ignore the suits until you are planning to eat expensive different in an expensive restaurant. In short, keep it simple and easy to go.

Is Paris safe to walk alone at night?

Yes, Paris is defiantly the safest city to walk alone at night. Their rate of mugging in Paris is quite low. Like any other big city, some areas of Paris are safer than others. The center of the city is the busiest and popular place for tourists. These areas are Louvre area, Le Marais and Latin Quarter. One can be any of these places at any time of day and night. We also suggest you avoid the places which are not very popular after dark including public toilets and prefer to stay where you found more people around you.

Is it safe for women to travel alone in Paris?

Paris comes under the big cities of France like Nice, Marseilles, and Lyon and it is completely safe for solo woman traveler to be here. Yes, as a women travel, there are some ideas which need to avoid after a drink or late night but this does not make Paris unsafe for the women. For women, it is also important that they take the official taxi for the traveling purpose. The official taxis are those which come with the label “Taxi Parisien”. You can also choose Lyft, Uber and other services but ensure that the driver has a good rating and not completely new and always share your location with the trusted person. Overall, the night lives in Paris women are equally safe as it is safe for men.

What are best days to explore Paris at the night?

Monday to Thursday is ideal days to do different things in Paris at night alone. On the weekend, many locals and people from the nearest countries visit Paris for tourism purposes. It gets very busy on Friday, Saturday and even an early night on Sunday. So, if you want to get a peaceful tourist at night in Paris, just choose the weekdays only. Even if you look above, we suggested the activities do usually can be possible on weekdays only.

Is it a good idea to hire a guide for Paris tour?

Not really. In the time of internet when every type of information available, it is not a good idea to hide a tour guide. All the information about important places in Paris is available on the internet and you can read about them free of cost. If you are the person who likes to dig things in details, then you can think about hiring a guide. He may tell you some of the myth, which could be interesting to know and share some information which only locals know. But overall, it is better to be your own guide and save some money for other activities.

Is Paris nightlife is limited to bars and nightclubs?

Not at all! When we talk about the things to do in the night at any place, the first things come to our mind are clubbing and drinking in the bars where Paris has something more to offer. As you can see above, we have shared the non-clubbing things to do in Paris at night as well to keep it versatile list. So, if you are not a clubbing person, then you can still enjoy in Paris as it has more things to offer to the tourists of all type.

Paris is indeed one of the best cities to explore at night. In the night, the lights of this city turn it into totally magically and different place which does not only attracts solo travelers but others too. With better planning, one can make his/her trip to Paris more exclusive, relatively more affordable and memorable. We hope that our picks will help you to make your list of things to do in Paris at night alone.

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