18 Most famous streets in Paris

Travelling is about exploring the good places, roaming around in town without purpose seems to be a waste. Whenever you are going somewhere you need to make some preparations. You get a lifetime chance to travel the world and this never comes in the package to many things. So, it is necessary to make the best of it. Being in Paris can be your wildest dream and if this happens to you then you need to know what to do. Being the city of love and fragrances you will have a number of attractions there to go with. But, still, you need to know some of the extensive spots that will get you the ultimate accomplishment on your tour.

The streets of Paris are famous for multiple reasons. They are known for food, sight seems, history, art and much more. Paris is a magical city that has a story in its every part and the streets there have something amazing in them for you. Being there will get you the chance to explore the best of Paris streets and their stories. Sometimes, you might get started with your story in there by following the others. Other than abstract attraction, the streets are famous for some of the extensive and exclusive features of their own.

Plan your road map!

Before landing in Paris, you should have your whole stay planned there. It requires a little homework that can pay off on time. Once you need to find out all the best places of your interest to visit in Paris. This will not take too long as you can find out a number of attractions easily. The major part is to list them and prepare your own map. Always make sure to map the location in the link so you can have symmetry. Move from one corner to other in a loop will keep things less hectic, simple and manageable. You can save a lot of time and energy by this practice.

Never miss out!

While planning up to your map, make sure to have extensive research and consultation about the locations and streets to visit. This will help you to never miss any single location. The little homework helps you in saving your trip and having the best outcomes from this. In order to avoid missing any location you can consider the following tips:

  • Search for the ultimate places
  • Consult your friends around
  • Talks to your trip advisor
  • Make online search
  • Reach out the traveling groups
  • Talk to the local guides
  • Take advise from the local residents
  • Get your own map

A few numbers for you!

Considering your need of having an ultimately exploratory tour in Paris we’ve presented some of remarkable and must visit streets in Paris. This will help you to have a perfect tour plan in Paris streets and enjoy the best there. You can find all the top-ranked streets in the list below:

1- Champs – Elysees

Streets in Paris are full of adventure and attractive. The Avenue Des Champs – Elysees is the major attraction for visitors who love to shop, eat and enjoy scenarios. The street hosts a number of designer shops where you can have shopping as much as you want. All the leading brands from France and the globe are there so you don’t have to visit multiple places at all. In addition to that for fine dining and enjoy the best Paris foods you can have a number of dining available. But, the Arc de Triumph is the biggest attraction here. It lets you have a value-added view of the city. Once you are on the Arc you can have the whole of Paris at a sight and it is simply amazing especially at night. You can enjoy the nightlife and lights on the Arc and relish each and every moment.

Champs – Elysees 

2- Avenue Victor Hugo

Right next to Arc de Triumph you can have the second longest avenue of Paris starting, Avenue Victor Hugo. It is named after Victor Hugo as he spent his last days at Hotel Particulier. In this association, a statue of Hugo is placed at the intersection of Avenue Victor Hugo with Avenue Henri-Martin. The avenue is not just famous due to the statue of Hugo but for the amazing architect. You can witness incredibly infrastructure there that brings you close to artifacts and history as well. The long avenue lets you have much more than just pictures or roaming around. You can get to know more and more stories about the surroundings and enjoy it to the last.

Avenue Victor Hugo

3- Avenue Montaigne

If you have a great interest in art and theatre this is the best spot for you in the city. The avenue holds a number of theatres where you can watch operas and listen to the orchestras. There you can have an eventful day coming up with many performances and attractions on the whole. Other than enjoying the performances you can visit a number of known brands stores for shopping. This brings you the perfect package of entertainment and amusement together.

Avenue montaigne

4- Rue de Rivoli

One of the highly populated and energetic streets in the heart of Paris is Rue de Rivoli. The street was named after the ultimate victory of Napoleon at the battle of Rivoli. The boulevard leads to Louvre and Tuileries Garden. To spend your day with all the goodness in sunlit gardens Palais Royal is the ultimate place to select. Being a good part of history the street lets you catch up with the old aristocratic side of Paris. This is a perfect place to familiarize you with history, culture and its incorporation with the modern world. Things get amazing beautiful here in the street. You can everything to enjoy and praise moreover it makes your visit memorable and meaningful too.

Rue de Rivoli

5- Passage couverts

Paris never left a chance to amaze you with variation. Here come the passage couverts. When you don’t want to move out in open and broad streets this is the best way out of the situation. You can have much relaxed and different kind of experience in there covered and cosy streets. These shopping alleys are a perfect shortcut through town and let you have some other kind of adventure. Here you can have shopped for a comparatively low price but good products. In addition to that, you can have a number of cafés, pubs and other social gathering points. This seems to be a new world of its own kind that holds its own beauties. You will simply love being here and enjoy the best time. So, it should be in your list of streets in Paris for sure.

Passage couverts

6- Boulevard de Clichy

Once the Montmartre was the oasis of Paris artistic crowd but the higher pricing resulted in the reduction in tourism there. Most of the tourists moved to the other neighborhoods and caused a split in the area. As a substitute to the situation, you can find Boulevard de Clichy that is home to Moulin Rouge and Paris’s red light district. This is a place where you can find nightlife and all the amazing attractions at any time no matter if it’s a day or night. The place is all set to get you the ultimate experiences of cabaret performances and much more. You can really have a good time and experience what you love the most.

Boulevard de Clichy

7- L’Esplanade des Invalides

If you are looking for a refreshing spot that comes with much attraction then the L’Esplanade des Invalides is the one for you. The street runs outside the Hotel des Invalides along with a series of parks that is refreshing in its own. You can see a number of people coming to parks and having relaxation therapies. You are all set to join them there. In addition to that in the street, there are a number France was museums that let you have a trackback to history. This will let you know more about the Nobel warriors and heroes like Napoleon and many others. Overall, you can enjoy a good time L’Esplanade des Invalides mixed with nature, history and other attractions.

L’Esplanade des Invalides 

8- Avenue de L’Opera

In the heart line of Paris, the street moves from Louvre to Opera Garnier that is the iconic opera house of Paris. Unlike any other grand boulevard, Avenue de L’Opera does not have any trees that might astonish you. But, this decision was made by the architects to not overshadow the beauty and grace of the architecture. The clean building site lets you praise its beauty and magnificent designing. The opera is open for solo and guided tours. You can explore a number of things there related to many plays and performances. This will be a quite good time for you to have in there by roaming around and get familiar to the French art.

Avenue de l’Opéra

9- Rue Soufflot

The street connects two amazing and worthy tourism spots in Paris. It leads you to the Pantheon from the entrance of Luxembourg Garden. Both of the places should be on the top of your list that lets you witness the amazing architecture in its Greek classical style and much more. Afterward, it gives you the chance to have a picnic time on its beautiful lawn and have a good time. In a sunny fine day, you can enjoy the amazing freshness of the grass and warmth of sun joined by fountains and flowers. For a well-spent day, this will be a great street for you. In addition to that, you might have some of the local artists playing and some street food at the park. But, it is suggested to have a little of your snacks to enjoy the best time.

Rue Soufflot

10- Rue de la Paix

If you are looking for the ultimate jewels in Paris then Rude de la Paix is your street to visit. It leads you to Opera Garnier and has some of the amazing jewelers such as Cartier. If you are looking for an anniversary gift or about to pop up a question then here you can have the best range. It is not just about the designs but a huge verity of pearls and gems to make it even more special. It will be your chance to have a special ring, for a special person in the special city of love. In addition to that street will let you explore the jewellery culture of Paris and get more information about the jewels there.

Rue de la Paix 

11- Rue des Barres

If you are looking up to something incredible that will get you the ultimate scene then Rue des Barres is the best spot for you. The path takes you to a half-timbered home from the 15th century that gets you connected to the history. The seating of tearoom L’Ebouillante welcomes a number of locals in the warm afternoon to have fresh salads and some other amazing snacks as well. The place is famous for being captured in a number of movies in Hollywood.

Rue des Barres

12- Rue de L’Abreuvoir

It is not possible to leave Paris without visiting the real Paris. Here at Rue de I’Abreuvoir, you have a trail of amazing attractions to enjoy. The lazily winding street gets you an amazing walkway providing you with the real feel of Paris and amazing walking experience. In addition to that, you get some of the amazing bars and pubs here such as La Maison Rose for drinks. This is an ideal place to trace your footsteps and have some of the great memories.

Rue de L’Abreuvoir

13- Cour du Commerce Saint André

If you are looking for the best spot to enjoy the best of coffee and hot chocolate then Cour du Commerce Saint André is the ideal street for you. Here you will get to find out the Le Procope the city’s first coffee house that was established in the 18th century. Moreover, you will have La Jacobine and Un Dimanche a Paris that spots the ultimate hot chocolate in town. You can have the finest quality of caffeine intake here and will love it. the hot drinks serve you the best and will never leave your nerve for life.

Cour du Commerce Saint André

14- Rue Montorgueil

If you want to experience a good slice of local life then here comes the ultimate street you need to visit. It is might be difficult to pronounce the name of Rue Montorgueil but here you can have the best of local eateries and vendors. You can start up walking empty stomach and move forward from southern end to the opposite by having the amazing French street food to get filled. This will give you another level of contentment and satisfaction. Here you can have the old school vendors with some of the authentic French cuisines that you might miss out at any of the fancy restaurants. Moreover, you can interact with a number of locals and exchange the ideas about city and civilization too.

Rue Montorgueil 

15- Rue Crémieux

Paris is famous for its refreshing and mesmerizing landscapes. All of these are not from nature but some of them are due to the symmetrical architecture. Rue Crémieux is nicknamed as Notting Hill of Paris having bright hued facades. It gives you a nice view having potted plants, bicycles, and calmness. This seems to be a relaxing street of a town that will simply leave you amazed with the simplicity. To make this street your common walkway during your stay in Paris you can book the Hotel Corail for the stay and will never regret.

Rue Cremieux

16- Rue des Rosiers

If you want to enjoy the exotic and famous food in Paris that is loved by the people. on the curve of an 800-year-old medieval rampart, you will get a series of Kosher bakeries and can enjoy the ultimate falafels. Here at L’As du Falafel, you will witness a huge crowd for the sandwiches that worth the wait and hassle. Moreover, you can have the Damyel handmade freshly baked macaroons as the cherry on the top. This combination will defiantly be a memory to enjoy for life and meet your love for food.

Rue des Rosiers 

17- Rue Lepic

The street is famous for the amazing burger along with many other cafes and attractions. The calmness and the art of market management in Paris are common and you can enjoy it everywhere. But, here at Rue Lepic, you can enjoy the best of burger that is prepared with all authentic ingredients. This will be something you can never ignore and definitely miss out.

Rue Lepic

18- Avenue Winston Churchill

Visiting Eiffel tower is much in Paris but having its stunning view from a point that connects you to the history and gives a wonderful view is exceptional. The avenue has the elegant Pont Alexander III for the prime view of Eiffel Tower and Les Invalides. This increases the beauty of the scene and makes it exceptionally amazing for the visitors. Here you can have a café break and enjoy the ultimate view too.

Avenue Winston Churchill


What not to do in Paris streets?

You will love spending time in Paris’s ultimate streets full of adventure and exploration. But, it requires you to have some of the specific considerations about what not to do here. While visiting the town you need to make sure that there are some of the specific codes you need to follow. Being a tourist, it is necessary to not to cause the disturbance to the community.

Consider the codes

Walking in street is normal and common. You can move out there freely and do not need a specific license for that. But, while moving around there are some specific codes that need to be considered. It has nothing do to with the town but it includes the basic code of ethics. You have to make sure that you will not cause issues to the other people in the place and follow what they are doing.

Follow the logic

There is always logic behind any act and that’s what you need to know while moving. Some of the visitor points are restricted due to some reasons. So, make sure that you are going to visit them in the specific timings only. Going there out of that time zone will because your problems and you might not get treated well sometimes.

Warnings are to consider

If you find any warning related to movement or pasteurization then do consider that warning for sure. Not everything is to be pictures or crossed for sure. It is one of the integral traveling advice that needs to be considered by everyone.

Never get lost

Roaming around the streets of Paris is amazing and it helps you to enjoy the best time. but, at the same time, you might get lost in the beauty of the city. So, it is important to avoid being lost in the city at times and have your route map defined. To avoid the situation, you need to have a local guide with you or if you don’t like to be accompanied then a map or map application is good enough. This will help you to get along with the places safely and in the end, you will reach the hotel.

Bottom line!

Paris itself is famous for many things, whether its history, culture, love, food, music or brands. In the city, you will get to enjoy every minute you spend here. From food to shopping, art to architecture, history to culture and many of the iconic places you can have every moment amazing in the city. All you need is to plan up to the visits and stay here. This will help you to make the best out of your stay there. Just make sure, you will not miss out any aspect and will have the best utilization of your time and energy. Pairs hold much more than you expect from just a city because it’s more than just a city.

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