Best 30 Affordable Restaurants in Paris

A favorite of many tourists is good food, especially knowing what you eat in the places you visit. If you are a foodie and want to know where to eat in Paris to improve your tourist experience, in this article we are going to propose you a list of the 30 restaurants in Paris where you can have the best food at affordable price.

We have made the list of restaurants where to eat in Paris, ordering them by categories. You will find cheap restaurants where you can enjoy splendid patisseries where you can find fabulous croissant and restaurants of a lifetime where they will welcome you as if you were a family.

We have reserved a section for luxury yet reasonable restaurants, where you can have a special and romantic evening with your partner. These luxury restaurants stand out for their location, from restaurants on the heights to restaurants in emblematic places. Some of the luxury restaurants are gastronomic experiences from famous chefs.

Among the restaurants where you can eat in Paris, you will find a variety of options that you can adapt to your tastes, needs, and budget. You should bear in mind that restaurants in Paris tend to have a reputation for being expensive, due to its famous cuisine and delicatessen cuisine. If you are a traveler who likes to save, in our following section, you will find a list of restaurants that serve food at an affordable price. Of course, you can always allocate a meal of the trip to try a gastronomic experience and eat at a restaurant in Paris.

Best Affordable Restaurants in Paris:

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but it is possible to find good restaurants, traditional but also alternative, without having to rush to the last cent of your pocket. From here we launch 30 proposals to put at your fingertips the Parisian cuisine.

Paris: the city of light and love. That magical place that you should visit at least once in your life. But what if you cannot afford Michelin restaurants or champagne-watered dinners overlooking the Champs-Elysees? Well, you will like to know that there is also a Paris for backpackers. You just have to know where to go. Maybe you’re wondering, are there cheap bars and restaurants in Paris or is everything a myth?

Do not despair, we have commissioned to compile the best bars in Paris in a guide the cheapest. Here in the following list, you can find from local bars, the eighties-themed to floating bars, going through bars on the terrace of an attic. And all of them at a good price and avoiding tourist traps.

1. Enjoy the most traditional dishes in France: Le Polidor:

Le Polidor (41, Rue Monsieur-le-Prince) is what they call a bistro in France that was founded in the middle of the 19th century and has been written by writers like Paul Verlaine. Currently, it offers a traditional meal such as boeuf bourguignon (beef) or pumpkin cream. You can also choose the dishes of the day that vary between 11 and 17 Euros.

Le Polidor Restaurant Paris

2. A healthy and affordable offer: Le Grenier de Notre-Dame:

This restaurant located at 18, rue de la Bucherie, opened in 1978 and boasts of being the most traditional vegetarian restaurant in Paris. In it, you will find macrobiotic and vegetarian food made with organic foods in a pleasant and picturesque setting for a menu of only 15 Euros during the week, and 17 Euros if you go on weekends.

3. Soups for all tastes: Le bar a soupes:

For only between 4 and 7 Euros this place offers 6 types of tasty soups for you to choose: from the well-known pumpkin soup with bacon, to oriental soups with chickpeas. You also have the option to prepare it to take away or to taste at the store. They also make a good offer of full breakfast for 11 Euros includes: 1 soup, 1 salad or cheese tasting and drink. Le bar a (33 rue de Charonne) offers a modern and simple restaurant located in the elegant Bastille district.

Le Bar A Soupes Restaurant Paris

4. For seafood lovers: Le Criée:

Yes! also in Paris there is a restaurant specializing in sea delicacies at affordable prices, Le Criée has several branches in France, we recommend the one at 15 rue Lagrange. For an interval of between 15 and 26 Euros, you can enjoy delicious starters, fish and seafood.

5. Tasting with African flavor: Waly-Fay:

The secrets of Senegalese food are hidden at number 6 on the Rue Godefroy-Cavaignac, thanks to the Waly-Fay restaurant. They say that Senegalese cuisine is the richest and most varied in West Africa. In your letter, you will find dishes that range between 7 and 15 Euros, but also offer a variety of cocktails based on rum, if you also want to have a few drinks.

6. Specialties of the Aveyron: Caluc:

(11, rue des Petites Ecuries) is a restaurant that bases its dishes on the so-called ““, a traditional tart from the Aveyron region made with vegetables and filled with veal or chicken, although there are also totally vegetarian ones. They offer different formulas if you want to complement the with a starter or a salad and a drink, but at the most the most complete menu you have it for just 15 Euros!

Caluc Restaurant Paris

7. An alternative: divide the menu:

Many restaurants in Paris offer the main menu of 30 Euros that includes several dishes plus dessert. But before running out, notice that they also offer options for an entree plus a dessert or a second dish with dessert and the price is much cheaper. This is the case of the restaurant Le Pré Verre (8, Rue Prénard) in the Latin Quarter, which also offers an extensive wine list. Also highly recommended is the Chez Clement restaurant (123, avenue des Champs Elysées) that offers homemade food in a beautiful and cozy room with its long cushioned sofas and warm colors.

8. Make a snack during your cultural visits:

Many museums have a café where you can make a quick and light meal for affordable prices after an intense visit to its art galleries: this is the case of the Maillol Museum with the Italian restaurant La Cortigiana (59/61 rue de Grenelle) with dishes that vary between 10 and 20 Euros; or the Rodin Museum (77, rue de Varenne) that houses a café with a terrace in its beautiful gardens.

If you want to visit the National Library of France (58, rue de Richelieu), you should know that it offers two coffee shops for fast foods such as sandwiches, cakes, and pasta: The Café de l’Est and the Cafe des Temps, both with very affordable prices.

The Italian Restaurant La Cortigiana In The Maillol Museum

9. Excursion to Versailles:

Put a finishing touch to your stay in Paris by visiting one of its most famous castles: The Palace of Versailles that is only 20km from the city. And if you are in Versailles our recommendation is that you eat at Le Boeuf à la Mode (4, rue au Pain) that offers several menu formulas: from 12 Euros to the full menu of 29 Euros. It is a restaurant that has a wonderful terrace where you will undoubtedly enjoy its specialties such as duck au gratin. Its motto: fresh products and traditional cuisine.

You want to enjoy the city of light and also eat well. If so, take note because these Paris restaurants will not leave you indifferent.

Read on the list of following affordable restaurants in Paris.

10. L’assiette aux Fromages:

What is more typical of France than an aperitif of wine and cheese? If you want to taste the best cheeses, here we recommend a place specialized in the subject very close to the famous Pantheon. In addition, you have the possibility to eat or dine with daily menus consisting of two dishes and dessert for a price between 14 and 25 Euros.

This restaurant is open every day during the hours of meals and dinners.

L’assiette Aux Fromages Restaurant Paris

11. The rest:

This restaurant in the Latin Quarter has a special touch. As you can see in the tourist map of Paris, it is located in a very strategic place between the Garden of Plants and the Pantheon. As soon as you enter you will be struck by its rock walls, which gives it a more intimate feel.

The type of cuisine that the owners work is very varied and of quality, mixing traditional cuisine with the most innovative touches.

As for the price, the minimum for two dishes and a dessert is around 40 Euros, not including the drink. You will find the place open during lunch and dinner times from Tuesday to Saturday.

12. Ménilmontant Coffee:

One of the most interesting districts of Paris is the number XX. Here is the district of Ménilmontant, where the Père Lachaise cemetery is located, which receives many tourists. If you are one of them and you are hungry, we present you here a restaurant near this emblematic place.

For just over 20 Euros you can eat typical French dishes. Have you seen any photographs or scenes from the Paris of the beginning of the 20th century? If so, you’ll see how this restaurant reminds you of those scenes.

13. Le Grenier de Notre-Dame:

It is not necessary to tell you where this restaurant is since by the name it is easy to guess. Yes, it is 200 meters from one of the Parisian churches that you will not miss, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

Normally, when a restaurant is recommended, more attention is usually paid to those who serve typical local food. This time we are going to get out of this norm since Le Grenier is a vegetarian restaurant.

This establishment, one of the best restaurants in Paris, was born in 1978 and is the first vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant in Paris. Many of the products he uses are organic farming and fair trade.

The price is very affordable, and for less than 20 Euros you can eat during the week. Dinners and weekends are a bit more expensive, but there is not much difference. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended places for those looking for a vegetarian option.

Le Grenier De Notre-Dame Paris

14 Chez Alexandre:

One of the specialties of Chez Alexandre is the meat cooked on the stone. The offer is very interesting since for a minimum price of 16 Euros you can taste a stone-meat dish and two of the typical French fondues: La fondue bourguignonne (meat) and the fondue savoyarde (cheese).

Another interesting possibility as an appetizer is another very typical French fondue, the chocolate with seasonal fruits, very economical if it is requested for a small group.

This restaurant is really a franchise and is located in several cities in France. In Paris, there are two establishments, both in the Latin Quarter. One of them is in the Rue de la Parcheminerie, very close to the University of the Sorbonne. The second one is in the Rue du Pot de Fer, next to the Museum of Natural History.

Chez Alexandre Restaurant Paris

15. The Taberna de Montmartre:

If you are near to Montmartre, do not miss to visit the neighborhood of Montmartre and a few meters from the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Sacre-Coeur), you will find this small restaurant. You are in the perfect place if you like old buildings, both inside and out.

You can taste typical French food for less than 20 Euros. Do not miss the traditional onion soup.

16. Le Moulin de la Galette:

We could not forget one of the restaurants in Paris with more history. If you are fond of painting, you will surely know the painting that Renoir dedicated to this mill.

The Restaurant Le Moulin de la Galette began its journey in 1980 and is located inside an old mill that was built in 1812. After a time closed for renovations in 2015, it was reopened at the end of that year.

Le Moulin De La Galette Restaurant Paris

17. Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée:

The Hotel Plaza Athénée has been in full renovation for some months, but the results have been worth it. Two Michelin stars, located practically in the center of Paris and inspired by precious stones are some of the most striking features of the restaurant Alain Ducasse of the Plaza Athénée.

The tasting of the finest cuisine is even more enjoyable when surrounded by an atmosphere of elegance that only opens its doors on Saturdays and Sundays. Among its star dishes, green lentils with caviar, with a price of 165 Euros. They have the Garden menu which includes three dishes, cheeses, and dessert.

18. Les Climats:

In the Michelin Guide since February 2, the quality of the recipes of Les Climats joins perfectly in an environment of the most original. Ideal for wine lovers, the restaurant is a cellar open to the public where exquisite bottles can be contemplated while tasting the dishes of the menu. For example, fried calamari with Espelette pepper and Iberian acorn-fed chorizo (42 Euros) or wild turbot poached in a low oven with creamy cauliflower (36 Euros).

Les Climats, with its peculiar leopard print, opens from Tuesday to Saturday serving meals from 12 noon to 2:30 pm and dinners from 7 pm to 10 pm.

Les Climats Restaurant Paris

19. Penati al Baretto:

“Italian gastronomy two steps away from the Golden Triangle.” This is how Penati al Baretto is defined, a restaurant that has been able to locate the best of Italian recipes in the heart of Paris, with a Michelin star, this establishment is guided by the guidelines.

Chef Albertico Penati, who has created a menu inspired by the painter Arcimboldo-famous for his Mannerist paintings of the human face created through flowers, vegetables, and fruits for the choice of seasonal products from all the Italian regions. Risotto, Ossobuco or their Torinese cream with three chocolates is within reach of the middle pockets: a menu with starter, main course, and dessert can be tasted for 45 Euros (60 Euros in case you order half a bottle of Chianti Classico).

20. Rech:

Again Alain Ducasse returns to sneak into the list of the best restaurants in Paris. The French chef takes care of what for many is the best place to eat seafood and fish from all the Gallic territory. Rech has been walking hand in hand with this renowned chef since 2007, at which time it was decided to change the course of the place and bet the light colors and the marine spirit in its decoration.

The history of Rech goes back to 1925 when Adrien Rech set up a fish market that soon became a place where people came to consume oysters. Its Dejeuner menu can be enjoyed for 44 Euros each covered during lunch (54 Euros at dinners) and includes octopus carpaccio, peas with haddock or strawberries for dessert.

Rech Restaurant Paris

21. The Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis:

In addition to the rich dishes offered, the great attraction of La Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis is its location. Located in front of wonderful views of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, this establishment recalls the typical restaurants of the 1930s. Three generations have made the place a meeting point for Parisians and tourists, who succumb equally to the charms of a vintage decoration that incorporates comfortable modernities.

When the weather is fine, its terrace becomes a most popular place to contemplate Notre Dame tasting a rich salmon trout or a vinaigrette of leeks. It opens from Thursday to Tuesday from 12 am to 11 pm, and it is not necessary to make a reservation. Its price range moves around 40 Euros.

22. La Table du Connetable:

With two Michelin stars, La Table du Connetable specializes in traditional cuisine. This restaurant, located in the luxurious five-star hotel Auberge du Jeu de Paume, offers the best French cuisine under the care of the prestigious chef Arnaud Faye. It opens from Tuesday to Sunday allowing you to enjoy your dishes only at dinner time. It is also available at noon on Fridays and Saturdays). The average price of your letter is 130 Euros, and among its recipes is a shrimp omelet for 58 Euros.

Paris is one of the favorite cities for travelers, The good thing about spending so much time in a city is that you start to know its corners and its local secrets better. It is clear that eating in Paris is not exactly cheap, and depending on the place where you get, you can take a scare with the account. And that is the reason why here we are giving a list of those restaurants which are affordable yet serve the best food in the town.

We are sure, you are enjoying reading this article, read on some more cheap restaurants.

La Table Du Connetable Paris

23. The Marine:

This restaurant is located on the banks of Canal Saint-Martin, near the Place de la Republique, is La Marine. This restaurant is one of the most favorites to eat. In itself, it is not expensive for the food that is served but also has a daily menu for 18 Euros, which is value for money exceeds all of the areas. For dinner is a particularly busy area and the restaurant creates a very local atmosphere with its cheese boards and wines.

24. Le Petite Rose des Sables:

This tiny restaurant is one of the best-rated restaurants in Paris. Apart from the French homemade food, there is a reason for such valuation. The owner ZouZou and her husband, Chef Christian, make the restaurant their home and you feel invited to eat in their lounge. An adorable couple that makes dinner in Paris more special than it already is.

We recommend you book in advance. It is very common to see the “full” sign on your door at dinner time. It is just 5 minutes walk from Republique.

25. Le Baron Rouge:

If what you want are a snack and a wine, then you have to go to Le Baron Rouge. Of course in this London-style bar, the specialty is wine and food just an excuse. Still, the tables of cheeses and sausages are the best food here in Paris. You will surely have a hard time deciding when you see an immensity of options. The chalkboards with information about the wines cover the walls of this small place.

26. Creperies:

After visiting this restaurant, you will surely be the number one fan of crepes, especially ham, cheese, and egg. Paris is full of small stands where they are served at street level. In these positions, the crepes usually vary between 3 and 6 Euros depending on the number of ingredients that you want to add. Of this style is the Creperie de Cluny.

One of the most mythical is Creperie Broceliande. Broceliande is not a stand but a restaurant to sit down. The specialties are between 9 and 14 Euros and it is in 15 rue des 3 Freres, in the Montmartre district.

And the ones you will like the most is La Petit Bretonne. They have crepes with integral dough which makes them different and less heavy. The price of the complete crepes (with 3 ingredients) is 8.5 Euros. Le Petit Bretonne specializes in two things, crepes, and cider, and both combine perfectly in this small place.

27. Claus – La Table du Petit-dejeuner and Le Pain Quotidien:

Not everything is to dine and eat in Paris. Sometimes you also have to treat yourself to breakfast and for that this is one of the favorite places. It is not the cheapest option as far as breakfast is concerned, but the quality of the products, the variety, and the environment compensate the price.

Another place of the style is Le Pain Quotidien. This, in particular, is a chain and therefore has different locations throughout Paris.

Le Pain Quotidien Paris

28. Chez Gladines:

The Chez Gladines canteen is to go when you are hungry. Serving typical food from the area of the French Basque Country, the rations could not be otherwise than generous. The restaurant is located near the metro Corvisart, an area with much local atmosphere and fewer tourists for being a little further from the center.

29. Le Tire Bouchon:

This restaurant has mixed opinions. Some like a lot and others not so much. The ones that surprise everyone is the decoration of the place. Le Tire Bouchon has the walls covered by all kinds of messages written on photos, napkins, train tickets. Regarding the food, they are specialized in crepes that are made in a bar right there. Here you can order one of the sweets and it is very well. It is on 9 rue Norvins, in the Montmartre district.

30. Le Bichat:

There are also healthy places to eat in Paris. If that is what you want, Le Bichat is your choice. All the ingredients of their dishes are fresh and organic. They also have plenty of variety for those of you who are vegetarians and vegans.
Salad bowls cost 8-9 Euros and desserts 3 Euros.

In the above list, if your economic possibilities are greater and you are looking for a luxury restaurant, on this list we have given some of the best restaurants in Paris. All the restaurants we have just shown you have affordable prices for what you can find in Paris.

As you can see, the restaurants in Paris that we have shown you are located in the heart of the tourist districts, so you will not have to get away from the places you want to visit and you will benefit more from the day. We hope it will help you.

Here we are giving some important questions that will surely come in your mind which are related to restaurants in Paris.

Q. What time do restaurants open?

A. Parisians begin to dine at 8. If you have the habit of having dinner soon, you can do it starting at 7 in the restaurants located near the tourist areas, although you will not see many Parisians. Another solution is a light meal like salads, sandwiches, pizzas among others.

In lively neighborhoods, you will find restaurants open late, even after midnight. However, check the hours of restaurants service and think about reserving a table to avoid having to wait in crowded places, especially on weekends.

Most bars and cafes open very early at 7 or 8 in the morning and close very late, usually around 2 in the morning, or even later if the establishment has permission.

Q. Can I get beer and whiskeys at the restaurants?

A. In restaurants that do not have catering licenses, only alcoholic beverages can be served if they accompany a meal. However, alcoholic beverages are sold freely in food stores, specialty stores or large stores. Remember that abusing alcohol is harmful to health, and can also endanger your driving license (withdrawal of points, major fines), and especially the lives of others.

Q. What is the timing of happy hours?

A. The practice of happy hour is in Paris at the time of the aperitif (between 6 and 8 in the afternoon). Some cafes and bistros sell their best cocktails and wine glasses at reduced prices or serve two drinks for the price of one.

Q. What is the payment method at restaurants?

A. All restaurants accept credit cards: Visa, EuroCard, MasterCard and American Express. You must keep the receipt. Only French checks are accepted. Normally the presentation of an identity document is required. You can also pay in Euros.

Q. Is there are any Non-smoking areas in the restaurants?

A. In France, smoking is prohibited in closed or covered public places. This law does not apply to open spaces outdoors. Therefore, smokers choose to sit on the terraces of cafes and restaurants in Paris, where they are allowed to light a cigarette while having a drink. Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, you could be penalized. The garbage disposed of in the street have dampers to collect the cigarette butts.

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