How much does a week in Paris cost?

Paris in France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because it covers amazing sightseeing attractions. Planning a week trip to Paris requires an itinerary in order to make the same a successful one. This is because the cost of a tour may vary with respect to a couple, family, and individual. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the budgets exactly for overcoming the shortage of funds and other issues. Since Paris is rated as the most expensive city in Europe, the tourists should work out the costs accurately while making a trip.

How much does a week in Paris cost? Well from my personal expêrience it cost me around 1500 euros. But there are a lot of factors that play an important role in determining the prices. Some of them include accommodation, transportation, food, shopping, and activities. However, it may increase when it comes to a tour. It is advisable for the tourists to prepare a tour schedule based on the spending capacity and other factors.


The accommodation in Paris involves different types and tourists can evaluate them from various source. Most hotels offer world-class facilities to tourists allowing them to experience peace of mind.  On the other hand, finding a hotel in a good location becomes a difficult one due to high costs. The average price of a hotel stay in Paris starts at $ 110 per night and will vary depending on the accommodation type. It is advisable for the tourists to calculate the amount on Euro currency.

Hotel in Paris with Eiffel tower view

As the total accommodation costs for a week will come around 660 Euros, it is necessary to determine the budgets when scheduling a trip. The visitors should focus on searching the best neighborhoods in Pairs for reducing the expenses.

Where to stay in Paris at affordable rates?

Paris has 20 arrondissements which are closer to the city’s famous places enabling the tourists to make a trip accordingly. At the same time, it is very important for tourists to choose the right arrondissement which is nearer to their sites. For example, 1st and 2nd arrondissements connect anywhere to the city in quick turnaround time. However, the hotel and restaurant costs are expensive in both the arrondissements.

Generator Hostel in Paris

The 5th arrondissement is a suitable one for those who are looking out for the hotels at reasonable prices. Likewise, 8th arrondissement is nearer to many places that offer better accommodation to tourists with options.
Each arrondissement in Paris has its pros and cons. Hence, tourists should get more information about them from different sources for making a better decision.


Paris is well-connected by metro stations enabling the tourists to reach popular places easily. The main drawback is that tourists can access them only from the center of the city. That means they have to spend more on transportation when they travel to important places. There are some suburban train services available in the city make visitors to plan a local trip based on the choices.

Transportation in Paris

Another thing is that public transport in Paris is an excellent choice for those who want to travel to popular destinations as soon as possible. The tourists can even buy a pass for 1 to 5 zones enabling them to travel on metro lines, RER lines, and bus lines.
A five-day zone pass will cost around €37.50 that can help to save more time. The total transportation costs for one person will come to 60 to 70 Euros in a week which excludes flight ticket prices.


The food prices in Paris are usually high in restaurants and hotels. If anyone is interested to travel to Paris on budget prices then, they should consider buying food at grocery stores for making easy meals. In addition, visitors can hire a holiday apartment with a kitchen that can help to prepare foods based on the choices.

L’Oiseau Blanc Rooftop Restaurant – Paris

It is necessary to calculate the food costs per person that can help to prepare a budget. The average cost of food per day will come up to 60 Euros approximately for an individual and the total food costs may come around 400 Euros for a week. It will increase based on the location and other factors.
A visitor can save money on dining by knowing certain tips and some of them include:

• Carrying out a bit of research
• Choosing a set lunch menu which consists of two courses
• Watching out for additional charges
• Skipping the desserts
• Reading reviews
• Taking advantage of food coupons
• Trying out some street foods
• Avoiding giving tips in hotels and restaurants


Paris is the best destination for performing a wide range of activities allowing visitors to witness more pleasure and excitement. The average costs for activities spending per day will come around 60 Euros. It may increase depending on a location. Visitors who want to perform the activities can allocate budgets for the number of days so that it will help them to get ideas as soon as possible.
Total costs for a one-week trip to Paris

Bateaux Mouches – Paris

The approximate total costs for one-week in Paris include the following things:

600 Euros for accommodation
70 Euros for transportation
400 Euros for food
350 Euros for activities
100 Euros for miscellaneous
So, the total costs for a week trip to Paris will come around 1,520 Euros. Visitors should keep in mind that the costs are an approximate one and not the exact figures.

What are the ways to save money on a trip to Paris?

Is it possible to save money on a trip to Paris? Yes, and here are some ways available for reducing the expenses and tourists can follow them properly while planning a tour:

•  The visitors should choose a less expensive season before scheduling their one-week trip to Paris. In fact, it is advisable for them to know the best time to visit the city. Winter months are an ideal one for saving more money to a large extent. It is a wise one to avoid traveling to Paris during the summer seasons.
•  Nowadays, there are many Paris deals available in the markets and one can choose them online that can help to minimize food expenses. Some of the sites that offer the deals include,, and so on.
• A visitor should consider booking a budget-friendly package which includes all services such as food, hotel accommodation, tours, transportation, and airfares. This, in turn, gives ways of saving money while making a trip to Paris.
• Several museums and architectural buildings in Paris offer free admission on every first Sunday of the month and tourists can set their travel on that day for saving money.
• The public transport system in Paris is a good one enabling the visitors to reach important places with ease. Apart from that, rental bikes are available at cheaper prices and tourists can choose them after knowing complete details from reliable sources.

Louvre Museum – Paris

Related questions

1. Is Paris expensive to travel?
Yes, it is an expensive one when it comes to accommodation and food, However, there are some best options available for the tourists to lower the expenditure.

2. How to exchange dollar and other currencies in Paris?
Several money exchange dealers in Paris offer a better deal on a dollar and other currencies. The tourists can use them anytime for planning a trip without any hassles.

3. What is the approximate cost for a one-week trip to Paris?
The approximate cost for a one-week trip to Paris will come around 1,520 Euros and may increase depending on the number of people.

4. How to save money on shopping in Paris?
Monoprix in Paris is a chain of retail stores enabling tourists to buy clothes, accessories, gifts, household items, and other things at reasonable prices. Several departmental stores offer huge discounts on the products which help to save money.

5. What is an Arrondissement in Paris?
An arrondissement is an administrative district in Paris which contains the details of zones and neighborhoods allowing tourists to plan a trip accordingly.

6. How to choose the best arrondissement in Paris?
There are 20 arrondissements in Paris that are well- connected by the roads and other things. Tourists can make a detailed study of them from different sources for choosing the best on.

7. Are there any apps available for tracking the expenses in Paris?
There are some apps meant for the travelers to track their expenses while making a trip to Paris. One can even download them on their Smartphones after knowing the details.

8. Do hotels in Paris provide free breakfast?
Most hotels in Paris don’t provide free breakfast to tourists and they have to look out for other options for saving money.

9. Is there any budget hotels available in Paris?
Some hotels in Paris that offer budget-friendly packages to tourists allowing them to ensure a world-class accommodation experience.

10. Are there any tips available for making an affordable trip to Paris?
Yes, there are many tips available for the tourists enabling them to schedule a week trip to Paris at reasonable prices making it a successful one. They are a suitable one for reducing costs on hotels and other things to ensure complete satisfaction.

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