Is Paris really that romantic?

Paris is not only famous as the capital city of France but also known as heaven for the romantic couples from all parts of the world. For many people, Paris is almost like a synonym of romance, due to various valid reasons. If you really want to know why Paris is so much romantic in nature, you may be satisfied by reading this article. Here, all the reasons that have induced an immensely romantic atmosphere throughout Paris are discussed in details.

What are the reasons that make Paris so romantic in nature? Firstly, the architectural beauty of Paris is bound to make you feel romantic, when you visit this city with your love partner. This city is extraordinarily designed with remarkable buildings and clean cobbled roads, which make it one of the most wonderful cities of this world. Secondly, the French people are also very romantic, as much as they are physically beautiful. Thus, in Paris no one mind the least in seeing any couple publicly expressing their affection to each other. There are plenty of places in Paris where you can go with your love partner on dating; like opera houses, theatre halls, art galleries, nightclubs, bookshops, and shopping malls. You may opt for an adventurous tour to any nearby forest or hilly region, to enjoy the scenic beauty and the charm of the tour with your partner. The exclusive royal touches in all the hotels, restaurants and parks make the new couples feel very special in this city. The availability of high-quality French foods and drinks has made Paris more attractive to the food lovers, where the couples are also given privacy for love in the restaurants. There are plenty of world famous tourist attractions in and around Paris, where you can enjoy quality time with your partner. You may also enjoy wonderful services in the world-class spas or massage centers of Paris, to enjoy your leisure time thoroughly.

This is a brief outline of the actual reasons that have made Paris so popular as the romantic honeymoon spot for all new couples. You may want to explore all these above-mentioned reasons and know more about the romantic nature of this amazing city. Thus, you will be able to enjoy every bit of the romance offered by various features that contribute to this highly romantic environment of Paris.

Plenty of places for twosome activities of couples in Paris

The lover couples often enjoy shopping in busy malls, boutiques and lovely open-air shops in Paris, where they can buy exclusive gifts for each other. You may also visit an antique shop to buy some unique gift items and memorabilia of this pleasure trip to Paris. Champs-Élysées Avenue is a famous street that houses plenty of shops selling all kinds of branded artifacts, which you may not want to miss at all. You may also spend some quality time together while window shopping and admiring the French perfumes, fashionable garments, lucrative candies, and several artworks of fascinating beauty.

Couple shopping in Paris

The French restaurants and bars are ideal places for you if you and your partner are ardent food lovers. French patisseries or pastries are too delicious and available in many flavors, like caramel and vanilla, luring the buyers with their romantic pink and red colors. The French restaurants or Bistros act very favorably for the lovers, as they are left alone with privacy until they call for the waiters to order their foods. All types of mouth-watering French cuisines and tasty wines are available in these restaurants and bars, which will be a unique experience for you. You may also enjoy a picnic on the banks of River Seine, relishing on appetizing French cheese, different types of bread and wines.

Loulou restaurant Paris

If you feel tired of dining and shopping around, you visit the renowned luxury spas of Paris with your love partner. You will enjoy the wonderful body massages here, which will leave a healthy glow and silky touch to your skin, making you physically more energetic as well. Some spas also offer packages to the couples, which render more romantic experiences for them. As many of these spas are located in the 5 Star hotels of Paris, you may also enjoy the romantic ambiance in the candlelit poolside of these hotel campuses. Like the French people, you and your partner may enjoy swimming while wearing fashionable lingerie available in all lingerie shops in Paris.

Enjoy sightseeing together in the romantic spots of Paris

Eiffel Tower is the most prominent landmark of Paris and thus, it is a great romantic idea for many couples to exchange rings on the top of this magnificent tower. You may also enjoy the panoramic view of lighted Eiffel Tower in the evening, from Musee de Quai Branly that is a famous art museum of Paris with thousands of exotic artworks from all other continents of the world.

Couple in front of the Eiffel tower

Notre Dame Cathedral is a famous medieval church in Paris, known for its notable Gothic architecture and you will love visiting Ile Saint Louis, one of the twin islands on River Seine, which is very close to Notre Dame and connected to the rest of the city with four bridges. There are plenty of boutiques and restaurants to spend romantic time together at this place.

Couple – Notre dame Paris

Luxembourg Gardens on 6th arrondissement in Paris is a remarkably romantic place for the couples, where they can enjoy the scenic beauty with colorful flowerbeds, spacious green lawns, pretty models of sailboats, promenades lined with numerous trees, and charming fountains that were built in 1620.

You should not miss visiting Le Marais district that is a famous historic place housing many marvelous buildings with outstanding architecture. This place spreading over 3rd and 4th arrondissements over the banks of River Seine contains numerous shops where you can enjoy a lovely time together.

Montmartre is a hill on 18th arrondissement of Paris that houses tow famous churches; namely Basilica of the Sacre Coeur and Saint Pierre de Montmartre. However, this place is also known for having multiple nightclubs, where you can taste the vibrant nightlife of Paris. The famous museum Musee de Montmartre is also situated on this hill, which has a beautiful garden and a café with a cozy ambiance for the couples.

Montmartre – Paris

Related questions

What type of attitude seen among the French people towards romance in public?

The Parisians are highly romantic in nature and they do not feel ashamed of displaying their affection towards their partners in public place. So they will not at all mind if you kiss or hug your partner openly on the road or in a café. Therefore, it is easier for the love couples to move around and take romantic selfies anywhere in Paris.

What are the royal touches in the hotels of Paris for love couples?

The hotel rooms contain large king-sized beds for the couples, where they feel a royal touch with crystal chandeliers hanging from the roof, marble bathtubs in the attached bathroom, and many other types of furniture with royal designs. Some hotels customize the rooms especially for the lovebirds, with romantic themes that make their vacations more enjoyable.

Why taking a stroll along the roads of Paris is considered romantic?

The city of Paris was magnificently designed by Baron Haussmann when he urbanized the entire city with numerous broad streets and lanes, buildings that are not allowed above six stories and some heritage buildings with historic importance. If you start walking down any road of this city, holding the hand of your partner, you are sure to come across a tourist spot very soon. There are numerous tourist attractions spread all over the 20 arrondissements of Paris, including many architectural specimens, gardens, restaurants, and shopping sites. So you can walk around and enjoy the romantic vibes in every corner of the City of Love.

What type of adventurous things can you do with your partner?

You may go for a horror movie in any movie halls of Paris, as there may be a special screening on the weekends at a few cinema houses. You may visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery of Paris to see the Gothic styled tomb built in the memory of the legendary lovers of the 12th century, Heloise and Abelard. You may go for a Metro ride around the city, without taking any guide so that you can taste the adventure of exploring the city on your own. You may also go for a themed costume party in a medieval cellar of a city hotel, which will be a unique fun for you and your partner. The tourists also enjoy the light-and-sound shows, displays of fireworks, and musical shows along Grand Canal of Versailles in the evenings.

So now you just need to schedule your romantic tour in Paris and enjoy a lovely time amidst the fragrance of flowers and taste of champagne, with your love partner. So it is a favorite destination for honeymoons of many couples from all other countries of the world. However, you should book your hotel accommodation online before arriving in Paris, mainly during the peak tourist seasons.

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