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Is Shopping In Paris Cheaper Than US?


Paris is known as the paradise for fashionable men and women all over the world. You may be thinking that stylish items made of leading brands are sure to cost more than the ordinary goods. However, it is only partly true because you are seeing only one side of the coin! Though some branded things are really expensive for common buyers; there are several ways of getting chosen items at affordable rates that you will find in this article. Here, I am going to tell you how you may find shopping to be much cheaper in Paris than in the US or any other developed country in the world.

Is shopping in Paris really lesser expensive than other places? We all know that luxury items are bound to be costlier everywhere. However, you need to know when and where to go for cheaper shopping in Paris, to buy branded materials at affordable prices. There are some specific times in the year, when most of the shops of Paris offer a lucrative sale on all their expensive goods, for stock clearance and to make rooms for loading new items in those shops. The common people can hope to find luxurious articles at much cheaper costs at these seasonal sales. There are a few streets in Paris, housing some stores that sell many branded products at really cheap prices. There are lots of high-quality goods available at much lower prices in the lesser-known stores of these streets. There are some definite shops in Paris, where the buyers can lower the prices of most of the merchandise, by bargaining on the quoted prices. It is easier to bargain at the vintage shops of this city, even in the flea markets. The buyers also need to have knowledge about different offers of discounts at various shops on special occasions, when they can buy the required things at much cheaper rates. Moreover, the buyers do not need to pay anything extra other than the labeled prices of all items in Paris, because all taxes are included in the quoted costs. On the contrary, in many other countries, you need to pay extra taxes over the quoted prices of most of the displayed items.

Paris Shoping Tour

The above-mentioned points are just the tip of the iceberg, as you need to know in details about the tactics of shopping at cheaper prices in Paris. You should know about the streets and the stores that offer discounts and bargaining options, as well as the fixed times when stock clearance sales are available. You should also be aware of the brands that are available in comparatively cheaper prices in Paris.

Main factors to be considered to buy at cheaper rates in Paris

Know time of stock clearance – Normally, stock clearance sale is done in all countries once a year. However, the storekeepers in Paris always make sure to clear their stocks twice a year. So the buyers can grab these opportunities, once in January and again in August to get their desired items at much cheaper prices than the normal market rates. Usually, the winter collections of apparels and accessories need to be replaced in January, when no one bothers to buy winter garments any more for that year, leading to massive stock clearance sale by the storekeepers. Likewise, they want to remove all the unsold summer fashion wear in August, to make rooms for stocking the winter apparels. These bi-annual sales are mainly seen in case of the fashion industry in Paris, which give great scopes to get items of latest designs in even less than half of the market prices.

Discount Paris

Ideal streets for getting cheaper items – The road leading to Montmartre Hill in the 18th arrondissement of Paris has many stores that sell merchandise at really cheap prices. Mainly, the garments stores and some vintage stores selling different fashion products are the sites for cheap and smart shopping. Montparnasse is another busy shopping area of Paris, where you will find plenty of retail stores that sell attractive items at much cheaper prices than that you can expect in many other countries. Gare Saint Lazare is the second largest railway station in Paris, near which you can find many stores selling all kinds of products, ranging from apparels to books at very cheap prices. Belleville is located over four arrondissements of Paris neighborhood, where you will find some Chinese shops in the Chinatown that has developed here over many decades. Different kinds of Chinese products are available in these shops at amazingly cheap costs. There are also a few Arabian stores in this multi-ethnic area of Belleville, where you will various items at comparatively lower prices than the renowned shopping malls.

Montparnasse Tower Shopping

Bargaining at certain shops – There are certain chain stores in Paris that are named as ‘Paris ’, which means in French ‘Paris bargains’ and provide excellent scopes of bargaining on all merchandise. You will get here all the fashionable items that are usually available on the renowned shopping malls in Paris. You may also visit some reliable thrift shops in this city, like the one called Emmaus near La Bastille, the historic fortress and square. Here, you can bargain a lot and bring down prices of displayed items to an amazingly lower level. The consignment stores of Paris, called depot-Ventes are great destinations for buying furniture pieces and home décor items at cheaper rates, which may be even lower than many flea markets of other countries. However, the vintage stores of this consignment series are more reliable in terms of buying hygienic fabrics. There is a specific shop called Kilo-Shop in La Marais locality, where you can buy apparels of various kinds not in numbers, but by weighing them! High discounts offered on all these garments make them too cheap for the buyers.

Emmaus thrift Store – Paris

Few renowned brands those are available at cheaper rates

Louis Vuitton

Is a famous brand of leather goods in Paris, which can be purchased at cheaper prices. There are some iconic stores of this brand in Paris, like Le Bon Marché that offer a refund of the VAT payable on each of their items, making those products much cheaper. There are also some boutiques on Avenue Montaigne that offer comparatively reasonable rates on all Louis Vuitton products. Galleries Lafayette is a departmental store chain in Paris, where you will find various fashionable items of this brand with discounts.

Louis Vuitton – Paris


Is another renowned brand of Paris that manufactures various fashion products; like T-shirts, sweatshirts, elegant outerwear for men and women, sneakers, perfumes and bags of various designs. There are many boutiques in different streets of this city, where you will find attractive items of this brand in really cheap rates.

Givenchy – Paris


Is a popular brand of French footwear that you will cherish to keep among your fashion wears. The creator of this brand mainly gained expertise in manufacturing high-heel footwear or stilettos for women, which are available in many French boutiques at affordable prices than the similar footwear you will find in the USA.

Louboutin – Paris

YSL or Yves Saint Laurent

Is another renowned French brand that produces luxury handbags and wallets, belts, hats, sunglasses, and footwear of various innovative designs. All these fashion items are available at various boutiques, where you need to compare the prices and buy the cheapest ones as per your choices.

Yves Saint Laurent – Paris


Is a century-old French brand that is known to manufacture different kinds of women’s wear, perfumes and fragrances, cosmetics for makeup and skincare, bridal jewelry of intrinsic designs, designer watches, and wines direct from the vineyards and wineries. Therefore, all these French items need to be purchased in the chosen departmental stores that offer seasonal discounts, thus lowering the prices of these products.

Chanel – Paris

Petit Bateau

Is a French chain store that is mainly reputed for selling children’s items at cheap prices. However, now you can also buy different kinds of classic French attires here, at very reasonable prices for the customers.

Petit Bateau – Paris

Related questions

Is Euro enables cheaper shopping than Dollar?

When you buy something with dollars in the USA, you are sure to get the bills with extra prices than the quoted ones. Actually, different taxes are included with the market prices of the items, making the customers pay more than what they have expected. On the contrary, if you buy a product with Euro in Paris, you need to pay only the price that is mentioned against that item in the shop. In Paris, all the taxes are already included while marking the costs of every product displayed for sale. Thus, you will not need to pay more than you expected, while shopping in Paris.

Which flea markets of Paris offer the cheapest products?

The flea market outside Porte de Clingancourt Metro Station in Paris is a wonderful place for bargaining on the prices of all items. Thus, this place remains highly crowded all the time with enthusiastic shoppers. Likewise, the huge area of Marché aux Puces (the word ‘puces’ means ‘fleas’ in French) has 14 markets in Paris, where even the imported goods and antique items are available at much lower costs.

Therefore, now you can enjoy shopping in Paris to your heart’s content, by spending a much lesser amount of money than that you would have needed to spend while shopping in the USA.



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