Is there a small Statue of Liberty in Paris?

The statue of Liberty in the USA is the world-famous monument that attracts a lot of tourists every year. Located on Liberty Island in New York, it stands as a freedom symbol with a woman holds a torched light on her right raised hand and an adoption tablet on the left hand. In fact, the statue signifies the path to freedom and enlightenment. People of France and the USA consider the same as a friendship monument due to their desire to get freedom from slavery. Moreover, the statue inspires many people in various parts of the world that induces the urge for freedom.

New york statue of liberty

It is 305 feet in height that stand as a majestic epitome which creates impacts on the tourists to a large extent. One can access the monument with a service ladder and an elevator is available for carrying the visitors comfortably. Apart from that, visitors can even reach the monument by stairs and special stairway,

The statue’s copper skin color has changed into a distinct green color before the 20th century due to high exposure to rain, wind, sun, and other environmental issues. It is closed in 1984 and reopened again in 1986 for the general public after the renovation process.

Paris, the capital of France, has many magnificent sites that one shouldn’t miss them while visiting the city. Does Paris have any Statue of Liberty? Yes, the city covers small replica statues in some major locations. They have the same features similar to an original statue but smaller in size that attract several tourists.

Locations of the statues

Statue of Liberty in Ile aux Cygnes: The Statue of Liberty located in the western part of Ile aux Cygnes Islands is just 11.50 meters in height. This man-made embankment is the only monument featured in National Treasure Book of Secrets. It is possible to access the statue either from either Pont de Grenelle or the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. Furthermore, it is located in the middle of the Seine River that enables visitors to enjoy the greenery oasis.

Ile aux Cygnes Statue of Liberty

In fact, the statue was installed exactly three years after setting up the Statue of Liberty in New York. Another thing about the embarkment is that it is fully landscaped with more trees and bushes. The monument was opened by the French president Sadi Carnot on July 4 1889, to the general public.

Ile aux Cygnes Statue of Liberty is made based on Bartholdi’s plaster model that primarily contains bronze. The visitors can view the same from the top floor of Eiffel Towers without any hassles. It is located near the Grenelle Bridge in Ile aux Cygnes Islands stands as a monument for commemorating the French revolution.

Ile aux Cygnes is an artificial island that is well-known for its popular monuments including the Statue of Liberty. It connects three bridges and two metro stations enabling the tourists to view the structure as soon as possible. The statute was originally facing the east direction towards the Eiffel Tower and later changed its direction to west in 1937.  

Statue of Liberty in Musée des Arts et Metiers: The statue of Liberty in Musée des Arts et Metiers is just 6 feet in size and people can visit the museum in Paris for knowing more details. It stood for many years in the Luxembourg Gardens and later move to the museum in 2012. Designed by the famous sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi, it stands as a symbol of freedom and democracy. This bronze sculpture got inspiration from the platter model that influence more visitors.

Musée des Arts et Metiers’s Statue of Liberty

Visitors can see the monument in the front courtyard near the entrance. The museum is open to tourists from Sunday to Tuesday allowing them to see the statue. People can even know the visiting hours from museum officials for making a trip accordingly.

Flame of Liberty: The Flame of Liberty is a replica of the flame of the torch that is located in Pont de l’ Alma, Paris. It is 12 foot in height monument is made from gilded copper with the support of high-quality marbles and other materials. Erected in 1986, the flame acts as a token of thanks to France that contributed the beautiful metal works to original Statue of Liberty. The flame is the right place for paying homage to late Princess Diana who died in a car accident near here.

Flame of Liberty – Pont d’Alma

Many people even today think that the monument was built for the beloved princess. One can reach the monument either by busses or metro train. The flame was actually gifted by America to France in order to establish friendly relations between two countries.

Bartholdi-The sculptor who created the Statue of Liberty

Bartholdi is a famous French sculptor who created various liberty statues in both US and other countries. He collected funds for building the Statue of Liberty in Paris, France. Furthermore, he made a trip to the US in 1871 to know the ideas involved in statue creation. In addition, he met several personalities for completing the project successfully on time. Finally, he got the ideas of making the Statue of Liberty after attending a centenary exhibition. The sculptor experimented the statue making with different types of materials.

Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi

He studied architecture and planning in Paris after returning to France. Apart from that, he got ideas of making monumental sculptures from different sources including friends. The sculptor created some replica statutes with unique ideas in order to inspire others. Bartholdi’s house in Colmar, France has been converted as a museum in 1822 after his death.

How to reach the Statue of Liberty in Paris?

Those who are visiting the Paris first time should know about the transport options for making the right decision.

• There are many public bus services available in Paris and visitors can use them for reaching the Statue of Liberty as soon as possible.

• Besides that, one can even utilize metro rail services that can help access them with ease. The tourists can even get more details about them from the respective authorities for making a trip accordingly. Moreover, one can even access them by cars and other vehicles as they are nearer to each other.

• Hotels in and around Paris offer excellent amenities to visitors and they can book them online in advance before planning a trip. The rates are an affordable one which ultimately gives ways for experiencing high-level comforts.

• Several guided tour services are available to Statue of Liberty in Paris on an hourly basis enabling tourists to hire services at estimated budgets.

Related questions

1. Why does Paris have a Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty in Paris was gifted by the American living community in 1889 to commemorate French Revolution centennial. It even stands for highlighting close relation bonds between two countries.

2. What is the meaning of the Statue of Liberty?

The Statue of Liberty represents the pathway to freedom that inspires a lot of people in various parts of the world.

3. Does Paris have the small Statue of Liberty?

Yes, the city covers some number of small statues in various locations which attract several tourists every year.

4. Which is the most popular Statue of Liberty in Paris?

The Statue of Liberty in Ile aux Cygnes artificial island is the most popular one because it is located near to the Eiffel Towers. It even allows the visitors to access the structure by train, bus, and car.

5. When it the Statue of Liberty inaugurated?

The first replica Statue of Liberty in Paris is inaugurated in 1889 that stands as a majestic symbol for freedom enlightenment. It is 11.50 meters in height that face west to Eiffel Towers. Made from bronze, it connects three bridges and two metro stations. Apart from that, the monument area was completely renovated in 2012.

6. What are the other statues in Paris that attract tourists?

The Statue of Liberty in Musée des Arts et Metiers and the flame of liberty in Pont de l’ Alma are the other small statutes that create impacts on the visitors.

7. How to visit the Statue of Liberty in Paris?

Anyone who wants to visit the Statue of Liberty in Paris can use the pubic transport such as buses and metro stations. The tourists can even contact the local tourist guides to know how to reach the statue as soon as possible.

8. What are the materials used in the Statue of Liberty in Paris?

Gold, copper, wrought iron, and bronze are some of the materials used in the liberty statue making process.

9. Who originally created the replica Statue of Liberty?

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, a sculptor from France created the replica Statue of Liberty in small sizes. He traveled to the US and other countries for getting inspiring ideas about the structure designs.

10. Is Statue of Liberty is a worthy one to visit?

Yes. One shouldn’t miss the Statue of Liberty while making a trip to Paris. It is one of the finest monuments that attract several visitors every year allowing them to know more about the history of French in detail.

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