Paris 30 most famous foods

Food is loved by everyone globally and nobody denies the need for delicious cuisine in life. People travel around the globe to try out different kind of cuisines and explore the food tradition. Every corner of the world has its own food history and tradition that is followed by the people. Although due to global integration we are able to enjoy many cuisines everywhere. But, the real taste and essence of any traditional or regional cuisine are in that specific state.

Just like any other state, Paris has its own taste in food and a cuisine history that is not only tried but loved by people who visit there. Other than love and landscape food is the recent attraction that grabs people there. On your visit to Paris, it is necessary to have your list of cuisines that you should try. Most of the times you don’t have to look for any of the species as you have many famous foods available on the list. Here was brings you the 30 famous Paris foods you should try.

1- Chocolate breakfast

Chocolate is something that nobody can resist ever, and if it’s in the breakfast then you will love it even more. Chocolate croissant is famous in Paris for breakfast. In fact, they got famous globally but a fluff puff croissant in Paris will make your day. You can catch it up at any Boulangerie or Patisserie in town.

2- The bread basket by Boulangerie

Having an oven-fresh baguette in your hand while wandering in the streets of Paris in the morning will be something you love. The freshly baked bread you can have easily in town and will enjoy its richness and flavor. There are numerous types you can catch up within the multiple points at streets.

French bread

3- French fries are really French

In Paris, you will get to find out that French fries are really French because here fries are not just fries but a next level cuisine. You can have them as royal as you want. Being the original dish of the state you can have multiple flavors with combinations to explore.

French fries

4- Melt your cheese love

If you live for cheese then melt your love here in Paris. You can find out the ultimate range and quality of cheese in Paris that will melt your heart away too. It is your way to try out as many as you can. In the streets, you can find out cheese stores selling out all the love you have been craving for in your life.

Cheese shop in Paris

5- Love the macaroons like never before

Have you ever heard of the best cookies of the world, these are macaroons. The soft, chewy and delicate one is the best in Paris. Nobody but a French man can make the best and having the freshly baked macaroons is just like enjoy the perks of life. You can have as many as want flavors of the royal cookies in Paris and will love each and every bite of it.

French macaroons shop

6- Snack up with crepes

French crepes are famous and an amazing snack for you to enjoy. It is not just a simple cuisine but has numerous variations in it. You can have the crepes just the way you like to have. There can be multiple types and flavors and you can explore more of them in every street of Paris. From sweet to salty and much more. So, be on the journey to have a roller coaster of crepes in Paris.

Crepes in Paris

7- Get warm with hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in Paris is not like the hot chocolate you have at your town. It is something rich in taste and warmer than ever. The taste of milk and chocolate combined with love makes it special and different that will keep you falling for you. You can have it as much as you want and will be happy the whole day.

Hot Chocolate breakfast

8- Crème Brûlée

If you are in love with desserts then it is the ultimate thing you can have at a Parisian restaurant. The eggy custards with crunchy brûlée on the top are like nothing but heaven. You can feel the melting taste in mouth and will crave for more every time you will have it.

French Crème Brûlée

9- We all cream for, “Gelato”

If you are looking for a purified version of ice cream then here it is available in Paris. You can visit Amorino to have some fancy flower shaped gelato that will melt in your mouth to make you forget everything. Even on a freezing day, you can be brave enough to try it.

10- Heaven of Chocolates

While traveling chocolates is the ultimate attraction that you can have. In Paris, you can discover heaven of chocolates and even stock it up. You can check out multiple stores and many spots to have different kinds and tastes of chocolate to discover.  

Chocolate store in Paris

11- Try the oyster food

If you love seafood or like to try something new all the time then oyster with garlic and butter seems to be the must-have. You can actually enjoy it fresh and feel healthy as it’s properly cooked with all its richness and flavor.

12- Profiteroles

You might find nothing surprising in the dish but ice cream puffs but it worth to have the hype. You can enjoy the freshly baked unique and delicious pastries filled with ice-cream and multiple toppings. The flavors do not have any limit and at every new place you can find out the best one to try out.

13- Falafel

Although it’s not a French food and completely came from Parisian but the locals of Paris offers you the best in taste falafel. If you are in love with deserts and pastries then here comes the best option for you. It will help you to feel the best taste.

Falafel shop in Paris

14- Éclairs

Even if you are not very fond of sweet or don’t prefer to have éclairs in the first place. In Paris, this is something you just need to smell once. It is so appetizing and amazing that you will definitely fall for it and couldn’t stop you from having it again and again.

French Éclairs

15- Roast chicken and fries

Fries are almost a must thing with every major cuisine you will have in Paris. No matter if it’s the roast chicken you can enjoy fires with it. If you want to have a delicious and proper dinner it is just right here and you can enjoy it.

16- Bloody Mary

At Harry’s Bar, you can actually enjoy the originally created bloody Mary and many other amazing drinks of the 1900s. This is the origin to these amazing drinks that always manage to make you amazed and feel refreshing. You can enjoy the ambiance and richness of flavor.

17- Baba Au Rhum

At the oldest pastry shop Stohrer, you can have the amazing collection of pastries including the rum-soaked baba au rhum. Once you entered here you will have a trial of deserts to try and enjoy and you can have the best served to you.

French Baba Au Rhum

18- L’hamburger

Hamburger in Paris seems not so original but yes it is. Things happen here differently due to the global integration. It is not necessary that you should only enjoy the authentic French cuisines but can enjoy some international cuisines of refined taste. The burger at Le Camino Qui Fume will make you forget everything else and enjoy the best taste and refined form of it.

19- Have the duck

In order to enjoy the perks of history and get to know why French first used a fork, you have to pay more. Duck is not a royal but historical dish that comes with more bucks but it all worth it. You can have it at its best in La Tour d’Argent and will simply love it for sure.

Duck à l’orange

20- Southwestern Salad

If you want to have a healthy combination of fried potatoes, cheese, lettuce, duck products and much more then it’s the best option. You can actually enjoy the bowl full of salad and will get the energy and fulfillment you are looking for.

21- Frog legs

It just tastes like chicken. Apparently, it seems not to try out the frog legs but this will be a famous number for you. In order to experience the diversity, you can have it for sure. It might not make you feel any difference due to taste.

22- Escargot

It is a French name of snails and similar to oysters. The taste is quite different and overpowered by the sauce they are having overall. You can get the snail cup and gulp it down so you can say you just did it. It seems to be one of the difficult dishes you came across with but in the famous foods, this one has a number.

Escargots de bourgogne

23- Quick burger

If you are looking for a fast and yummy food joint or wants to see the McDonalds of France then here comes the Quick Burger. You will get some of the amazing flavors with the best of its presentation that will let you move forward. You will never miss any of your favorite fast food restaurants. In fact, this will be something keeping you on the go.

24- Ham and cheese sandwich

You have had ham and cheese before so what’s special in this sandwich. It’s about the baguette and the cheese. This is the exception that you can only have in Paris and will love it for sure. This will make you feel really different and you would like to have lots of bread with you to take home.

French Ham & Cheese Sandwish

25- Roquefort with quince paste

When you want to have the ultimate cheese with quince paste by the best French cheese maker then Laurent DuBois is the address. Here you can have the best of cheese that will satisfy your appetite and starve for the real flavor cheese.

26- French onion soup

A warm bowl of soup in a cold French night makes the best combination. The steaming beef broth with onion, cheese, and bread makes you feel the traditional Paris and have a glimpse of real cuisine here. The soup and taste are unmatchable and you will love it forever.

French onion soup

27- Cupcakes

Here comes a fusion food. The American old cupcake recipe mixed with the local French ingredients to give you the next level of satisfaction. From salted butter caramel to Nutella you can have a wide range of cupcakes to enjoy and have the best memories with. You can experience a new style of cupcakes in Paris that you will never have anywhere else.

French Cupcakes

28- Fish

In seafood, fish is the only one that is loved by the majority and French cook fish at its best. The richness of taste and soft texture are simply exceptional. You can find out a number of fish recipes there and that will make you fall for it in real.

29- Cream puff

In the world of puffs, French is the master and cream puffs are love. You can have as many flavors as you want to have. From raspberry and rose to pistachio and lemon. You will never have enough of it.

French Cream puff

30- Praluline

A unique pastry from the history is filled with candied almonds and accompanies the black coffee. This will be an amazing breakfast or evening snack for you to enjoy in Paris. You will definitely enjoy the unique taste with amazing colors and attractive aroma.

How to select the best eatery in Paris?

Paris is a food world where you will be having a number of options in eateries. But, you have to make the right choice in order to avoid bad experiences. But, remember, when there is something about tasting the food you might have different tastes. Following points can help you with selecting the best eatery:

Get help from a guide

The guide for the day is the person who will be helping you throughout the journey. You can discuss the things with him to have a better approach and then move ahead. Make sure it’s you who needs to ask keenly for more options and get through all the necessary details to explore the best.

Go for the local reviews

The locals are best guides for you. If you are able to communicate with the local people in the marketplace you can ask them. They will help you to guide better about what is best and what’s not. In this case, you will be able to explore some of the extensive and ultimate options that are not on your map app or in any online source.

Search for other travelers

There are many propel travel to Paris and other places, try the food and review it. You can search for them in order to try something out. This will help you to make the right choices and move forward with the best options. In fact, you can get some of the better suggestions that will match your taste and likings.

Believe in ratings

There are ratings for the places and food joints online and it helps a lot. You should believe in them, but there can be contradictions. In this can you can simply cross-check the things for more clarification. Things can be better if you will have significant reviews.

Ask for trials

There are some restaurants or food corners in Paris that can offer you the trials for food. It is quite strange but if you ask a favor as a tourist you might get entertained with it. This will help you to make choices and go for the best available option for you.

Know the ingredients first

In order to place orders to trying anything make sure you know the ingredients. It simply helps you to get the best out of it. Once you have the idea of how the dish turns out to be you will be prepared. It will also help you to avoid the dishes with unwanted ingredients on them. Or infect you can ask for the replacements to the ingredients.

Plan up everything

In order to enjoy the rich food in Paris during your visit or stay it is good to plan up to the things. Once you have shortlisted the place makes a list of them according to preferences. You can travel for food or have food with travel this is all your choice but in any case, you will be having the benefit.


Here are a few questions that come up to your mind while looking for the famous food in Paris.

How can I manage to try everything?

It is simple to manage your food traveling in Paris. You can list out the stuff according to the places you visit and then manage your meals there. While traveling you take three compulsory meals and then whole day snacks. You can designate your breakfast at once place and rest of the meals at the other places. There you can travel and have food together.

Is it a good idea to visit a fancy restaurant?

Fancy restaurants are good but visiting them always is not a good idea. To try the authentic food with taste and economy it is suggested to visit all kinds of café. From roadside to the open cafes where you can enjoy the real richness of culture.

Is it safe to eat the countryside?

In Paris, food is about quality and having your meals the countryside is even better as you get to know the culture and traditions directly from the origin. You can have some of the authentic tastes and cuisines from the places.

Do I need to visit multinational food joints?

If you wonder that the multinational food joints have something special for you in the menu then you might be disappointed. Their menu items must be different but it’s all processed in the end. If you really want to enjoy authentic cooked food. You need to go to the real town based restaurants.

Is it good to go to food festivals?

Food festivals are an even better option to try the best food. You can look up for the carnivals or food fest in Paris and go there. It will help you to enjoy food and socialize with people and chefs from different parts of the state and even the world. If traveling is your passion and food is your love, then food fests are your thing.

How can I deal with my food allergies?

This can be a major issue while you are trying out the famous foods in Paris. In this regard, make sure to have a little research about the ingredients of the cuisine and then only try it. You can always ask the chef at a restaurant or café about it or can customize your order too.

How to avoid bad experience?

In order to avoid bad experiences, you need to have a little homework. You can prepare a list of best food joints by searching and consulting. Moreover, you can specify the food options you want to try with. This will help you to make wise decisions and avoid any issues.

Can I cover everything?

When it comes to food, you will never be able to cover everything. There is a huge collection of dishes and a number of tastes. Getting every taste is not possible. The wise decision is to select something that suits you. Never try to test your limit, as everyone has not the same taste. So, be precise with what you select.

Final words!

Food is love and in Paris, you can fall in love with food all over again. In the city of love, there is much more to explore but you can never have enough of it. So, having a food map along with a city map is important for you to don’t get de-route and enjoy the best time here. You do have options to make selections from the lists to define your type of food.

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