Paris best 21 restaurants with a view

Restaurants of Paris are being considered the best all around the world. But when you are going to add them with the best view of any historic buildings, shoreline, Eiffel tower, squares then you surely going to have a meal which you can remember for the rest of your life. It is because nothing is going to make your meal best than being at the place which can give you an amazing view to enjoy your time and meal in a perfect way. As the shoreline happens to be in the center of Paris so the sight and sound of water can make your mood fresh and can help you to enjoy your meal in a perfect way. And similarly, Eiffel tower is still being considered as the most amazing place to get a perfect and inspiring view. So, being at this place to enjoy the amazing view and the meal is just a perfect combo to make your time and meal the most memorable for you.

Paris and the best view restaurants, why so perfect?

Paris has the most mouthwatering restaurants in the world. And this is not just because of the best food that you can get there but also because of the best views that you can get to enjoy with your meal to get a perfect combo. You can find a lot of restaurants in Paris as one of the best places to sit back, relax and to enjoy the best views that you can find around the restaurant with ease. As Paris is being considered as the most picturesque of the cities among the entire world and it offers you so many different choices to enjoy the most amazing views. You just have to find the best regardless of your budget, and you can easily find the perfect place in Paris which can suit your personality amazingly.

So, if you are someone like me and planning to have a trip to Paris, then you must have already started to plan out the things that you have to do there and the places you want to visit at Paris. So, if you are the one who gets inspired by the amazing views quickly and do not want to let the amazing view leave to line of your sight then you must pop into one of the amazing restaurants which can give you a perfect combination of the most delicious French food and the most stunning and breathtaking Parisian views.

The best restaurants in Paris with the amazing view

If you want to know the best restaurants that you can visit in Paris to enjoy the amazing view and to get the most delicious French cosines, then the following list can be better for you to know:

1- Le Jules Verne

If you want to sit within the Eiffel Tower happily to enjoy the amazing view of the surrounding, then Le Jules Verne is the best restaurant for you to visit. This is one of the most amazing classical French restaurants which has the ability to serve you with the most envisioning menu that may have produced with the best French ingredients. Prices of the menu can be much higher as compared to the other venues, and the place is the best to enjoy dine and to look across Paris to enjoy the best views.

Le Jules Verne Restaurant Paris

2- La Tour d’Argent

This is the best historic restaurants that you can find around you in Paris. This is the perfect restaurant which offers you the best range of fresh and typical French cuisines which you can enjoy in the most dramatic hall of Paris. You can get a sip from the special edition and heritage wines while enjoying the most famous roast duck dishes of the La Tour d’Argent. Although this restaurant is the pricier end of the place but with some amazing setting and the most spectacular view of Cathédrale Notre Dame and Seine, La Tour d’Argent can be the perfect place to celebrate your special occasions or to have a perfect dine in style.

La Tour d’Argent Restaurant Paris

3- Georges

If you want to enjoy the best open-air place, then you can sit on the tranquil open terrace

Le Ciel de Paris. This can be the best place to enjoy a full view of the Eiffel Tower at sunset to get a mesmerizing sight. Georges is situated on the top of National Museum of Modern Art. Georges has the ability to let you enjoy the vista of Paris. This restaurant is the most popular hunt for the weekends among people in Paris. So, you may experience crowd at the weekends which will be there to enjoy the best cuisine with the amazing view of the sunset or at lunch too. If you are looking for a place with the lower costs, then you must consider visiting this amazing place for afternoon tea or coffee.

George Restaurant Pompidou Paris

4- Le Ciel de Paris

This is one of the most amazing places to get the full view of Eiffel Tower with the best and modern plush settings. One thing that you have to keep in mind if you have decided to visit Le Ciel de Paris is that you have to select your table very carefully. It is because the prices are varied according to the fact where you are going to sit in the Le Ciel de Paris. The prices of the meals at Le Ciel de Paris are a bit higher, but the perfect view and the award-winning food that you can get at Le Ciel de Paris can never be beaten by any other restaurant.

5- 6 New York

You can get the best meal from the available variety of sustainably caught fish and from the pantry of organic meats and let the chefs of 6 New York do the rest to make a perfect food for you. At 6 New York, you can look at the Eiffel Tower while you are being served with an amazing course after course of top-notch and original meals. Although this is one of the most expensive restaurants that you can visit in Paris, it is really worth visit place to consider in your must-visit places.

6 New York Restaurant Paris

6- Victoria 1836

Victoria 1836 which is located near the Arc de Triomphe. Victoria 1836 is really an amazing place to visit. You can enjoy the best drinks and mouthwatering fresh prepared crab ravioli. The weekends at the place are much busier, and the prices are high as compared to the dining options which you can get around, but the food and the view are perfect to remember forever with ease.

7- Kong

Kong is one of the most spectacular places that you can visit in Paris because of its amazing glass curved windows. Kong has the best opportunity for its visitors to enjoy the city around by being there. You can enjoy dining in Kong, especially in winters to enjoy the snow falling by being at the safe but yet the amazing place. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing views of Paris while the snow falling swirls all around you. The visit to Kong, especially in winters, is surely going to give you a magical view to enjoy.

Kong Restaurant Paris

8- Les Ombres

The rooftop of this amazing place is in front of the Eiffel Tower directly. By visiting Les Ombres, it is undoubtedly going to be hard for you to decide that which is the better for you, the most delicious food which you are going to taste at Les Ombres or the most stunning view of Eiffel Tower in front of your eyes. Three-course meal option starts from 68 Euro with the offer of their most amazing and signature dish Roast guinea fowl, which you are surely going to find the best in your entire menu. This is the best place to enjoy amazing and delicious food and to see the beauty of majestic Eiffel Tower at the same time in a normal price range as compared to other dining options around this place.

9- Le Perchoir

Are you looking for a place where you can have the best bite of food with your friends in a cool but welcoming and friendly environment? Then Le Perchoir is surely the place meant for you. If you are looking for the best place to enjoy your delicious meal with the mesmerizing view of stunning Sunset in Paris, then Le Perchoir is again the best place for you to visit for both purposes. It is because Le Perchoir is being considered one of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Paris. You can enjoy their best and amazingly delicious cocktails, wholesome food, and its roaring fire.

Le Perchoir Restaurant Paris

10- Paris Picnic

Technically, it is not being considered as a restaurant, but it is the best way to dine. This is one of the best concepts that you can find in Paris and hopefully is coming to London too really soon. Paris Picnic is allowing you to order an online bespoke picnic for the specific time and you will be drop off to your selected location at your specified time. You can grab some amazing viewing point at The Basilica of Sacré-Cœur, and you can have bliss by eating some anchovies, delicious brie, french bread, and olive and enjoy the amazing view of sunsets. This can be the perfect option for you to have a meal and to enjoy the beauty of Paris openly.

11- Bar le Perchoir

This can be the best place to visit with your group to enjoy the best quality of food it is a new bar opened in Menilmontant. It is the best rooftop place which you can find there and can allow you to have the 360 degrees view of the capital. This place is becoming a victim of popularity and success. You may have to take a lift to reach the 7th floor where you can find a vast space around a handsome bar. And in the bar, you can find the most comfortable place to sit, i.e. Sofas with the cushions. Seeing the sunset at Sacré-Coeur with a glass of delicious drink in hand, under the shade of colored lights is going to be something really special for you.

12- L’Oiseau Blanc Restaurant

If you are thinking about the glory of the Persian cousins then undoubtedly L’Oiseau Blanc Restaurant has taken it to an entirely new level. With having the most amazing food at the L’Oiseau Blanc Restaurant. You can visit the 6th floor of the building to get the complete and beautiful 360 degrees view of the most iconic monuments of Paris. It has an entire retractable roof which can make this restaurant one of the most unusual and stunning restaurants of the Paris. This is the most comfortable and relaxed restaurant which you can find in Paris. This restaurant has the ability to showcase the best French delights in a perfect way. You can find the revised and reinterpreted dishes of traditional and contemporary techniques and flair with the best chefs in the world. And the talent of these amazing chefs come into work when you talk about the perfect collection of heavenly temptations and desserts. Well, the prices of the place are much higher, but you can never get the perfect combo of the mesmerizing view and perfect food at any other place around Paris with ease.

L’Oiseau Blanc Restaurant Paris

13- Le Cabanon de la Butte

This is the best place for you to visit. Although the restaurant is being considered as a small place to visit but have some amazing view to enjoy around it. Although you are going to get a small menu here the way the chefs are cooking food there is just amazing. You are surely going to have delicious food there. And the place is comparatively less costly as compared to others which you can find around there. The staff at the place is really friendly, and you can get the fantastic service at Le Cabanon de la Butte. This can be the perfect place for the ones who do not have enough budget to visit the big brands’ restaurants to enjoy the view and delicious food. So, if you are the one who is looking for the best place to make more memories in Paris.

14- Tour d’Argent

Tour d’Argent is one of the most beautiful and historic restaurants that you can find in Paris. This beautiful place was opened in 1582 as a cheap Hostellerie. Well, the place becomes crowded on a quick basis, and you can get the most spectacular views there over the Seine. The restaurant is the most famous for its duck meat, and this is on the menu of Tour d’Argent since 1650, and everyone is fond of its pressed duck dishes which are being considered as the signature dishes of the Tour d’Argent. Tour d’Argent has revolutionized its menu by making the combination of some traditional cousins with the finest ingredients and contemporary flair. This can be the best place for you to enjoy the perfect combination of the most spectacular view and the best and delicious food in Paris.

Tour d’Argent Restaurant Paris

15- DAD

DAD gets its inspiration from the hot dog stalls which you can find in New York City. Although these dogs are not of the industrial scales atrocities for fast food these can be served as the sensory delights and have their own distinct but delicious flavors, bites, and scent. These are being made by the high-quality ingredients and the freshest type of food that you can ever have. This is the best restaurant which can provide you amazing delights with some perfect views. So, get the best experience in Paris by being at DAD.

16- 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant

This is the most famous and crowded restaurant that you can visit in Paris. To get the window table to enjoy the mesmerizing view around you, you have to make a reservation before your visit of 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. It is because this is the best place which can provide you high quality and delicious food with some fantastic views and people are coming to visit there in a huge amount to make their visit of Paris the most memorable by having the best food and perfect view at 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant. Although the restaurant is high in prices, you can see the people coming there to enjoy and do not care about their budget just for the sake of delicious food and the perfect view which they can get at 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant.

58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant Paris

17- La Plage Parisienne

At La Plage Parisienne you can get the amazing views over the Seine as it can offer you to enjoy the most amazing view of Paris. La Plage Parisienne is located between the own version of the Statue of Liberty of the city and Eiffel Tower. It has a huge terrace which can be used by the customers who want to dine under the open sky in the sunny days or in the warm nights to enjoy the best weather and the most delicious food along with the perfect views which can be found around the restaurant. The food options which you can get at La Plage Parisienne can be ranged from the traditional cuisines or French and the best food items from nomadic cultures. And at the bar within the restaurant you can get the most delightful aperitifs and, in the evening, you can enjoy the amazing combination of fusion jazz and electro in music choices. This is surely going to be your most favorite place to dine and enjoy the beautiful views under the open sky with some heart touching music. So, do not forget to visit La Plage Parisienne whenever you are going to be in Paris.

18- Les Bateaux Parisiens

A perfect place to visit when you have an aim to enjoy the amazing view and delicious food at the same time. The most delicious food that you can get at Les Bateaux Parisiens is really worth enjoying, and you can get the food with four courses there. You can get the delightful wine at the bar associated with the restaurant. Having a glass of wine, sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing view around. You can enjoy LIVE music too at Les Bateaux Parisiens to make your visit of Les Bateaux Parisiens memorable. Most peaceful environment, best food, amazing views, live music and friendly staff all can make the perfect combination for the ones who want to visit Les Bateaux Parisiens and to enjoy their food in a peaceful environment.

Les Bateaux Parisiens Restaurant Paris

19- Le New York

If you are looking for a perfect place then French brasserie with a beautiful long terrace which can provide you the most iconic and mesmerizing view of Eiffel tower to enjoy. When it comes to the food options that you can get at Le New York, then nothing can beat the delicious and authentic homemade food that you can get at Le New York with ease. You can never find any better option of fresh homemade cuisines which the values of New York at any other place which can be better than Le New York. This is the most affordable dining place with the option of amazing views that you can find in Paris. In range food, delicious taste, best views, and the perfect comfortable place, nothing can beat Le New York at any cost.

20- Terrass” Restaurant

The 7th-floor terrace is also another name being used for this place. It is a perfect bar which also has a completely refurbished room being used as a restaurant. It is the perfect place to visit which has a bar inside and at the outside a long terrace which is being used as a restaurant and giving the perfect and most amazing panoramic views over Paris. The inside bar has a very unique and artistic look with having the large size windows in it from where you can get the most amazing views of Paris by being at the most relaxed and peaceful place. This can be the best place to enjoy the beauty of Paris with some delicious and delightful drink and food options. So, if you are in Paris and want to enjoy the best view, delightful drink, amazing food within your budget range then the Terrass” Restaurant can be the perfect place for you to visit.

21- La Maison Blanche

If you are wandering around Champ-Elysées, then you must visit La Maison Blanche. Just an ocean away from the Washington this white house has the ability to offer you the best views of the Western side of the French Capital in the perfect settings. At La Maison Blanche the food options and the taste which you are going to get are surely the worth savoring. If you really want to have a perfect dine under the amazing and shimmering lights of Eiffel tower then, your dream can come true with the option of La Maison Blanche which you can avail with ease. No need to wait more, if you are around the place just visit La Maison Blanche to enjoy delicious food and the best view.

La Maison Blanche Restaurant Paris

So, this is the list of some amazing restaurants which you can consider to have the best food and amazing views together. So, just get the options you like and make your tour of Paris the most memorable this time.


At some places, if you are unable to find window side table, would you still able to enjoy the amazing view outside?

At most of the places, you can get the option to enjoy the amazing view outside the restaurant even from the center table of the restaurant too. But if you want to get an amazing view without any disturbance, then it is the perfect option to have an advanced reservation of your table at your desired restaurants.

Hi, would I be able to get some gluten-free food options to have for my breakfast?

It depends on the restaurants’ services which they are providing for their customers. At many of the above-mentioned restaurants, you may get this service, but a lot of others may not be going to offer any such services. So, it is always better to ask at the spot directly.

We have a limited budget; do you have any restaurant option which I can get under my budget?

For the ones who have limited budget range but want to enjoy the best food and the amazing views too, we have listed a few of the best available options. Such as Le New York and some others too. You can check our entire list and get the ones who you can find suitable for you with ease.

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