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The 15 Best Places to Shop Cheap In Paris


When you think of shopping mecca the word that comes to mind is Paris! And why shouldn’t it be? It is one of the major fashion capital of the world. Whether its trendsetting haute couture or fashion labels, you name them and you will get it there. When you land there you dream of those shops that provide the most fashionable clothes in the market. There are luxury labels that astonish everyone, however, the question is whether your pocket allows you to go for them?

Even if the answer is ‘no’ do not worry as the Mecca of shopping will not send you back home with empty hands. Moreover, you can be happy as your pocket will not be burned with a hole after you complete your shopping spree in Paris. Even though it may be tough for you to pick something from Yves Saint Laurent or Luis Vuitton, you will get enough choices at the other places that will help in stocking your suitcases. Yes, here is a list of some of the cheap stores or market in Paris that will help you pick things of great fashion and yet not make you bankrupt.
Paris has different departmental stores, markets and designer depots from where you can buy the trendiest items. Whether you want to buy something to gift the loved ones back home or dresses to fill your wardrobe, these places are worth visiting.

Where to find cheap stores in Paris

Before learning about the shops it is better if you get some idea about the areas that are best for getting bargain deals. According to a shoppers perspective, there are different sections in Paris where you get varied items at varied prices. Like if you are at rue Faubourg St.-Honoré, you will be able to get high-end designer shops. It is possible to spot celebrities there too! Similarly, Boulevard Saint Germain is a place where you can easily get trendy designer boutiques.

Shop Cheap In Paris

However, when you are looking for something pocket-friendly then you must move eastward. At rue de Buci you will start finding shops that offer cheap products. The places near the Saint Sulpice Metro station will also offer you clothing stores that are great in design and best in price! It’s not just a particular area but there are many. Enjoy the Flea markets and get the best-bargained products. There are many shops out there too that offer cheap cloth lines and other products which are quite affordable. There are different areas in Paris where you will get good and clothing at most affordable rates. All you need to do is know where to head in order to get the best bargain. This list is compiled with different products that you may want to shop when you are ta the City of lights.

So, when you are in Paris and want to do affordable shopping keep this list handy:

1-Le Mouton à Cinq Pattes

If you want to look for last season’s collection in mint condition then you must head to Le Mouton à Cinq Pattes. Whether you are looking for Donn Adriana, Vittadini, Buscat, Chanel, Jérôme L’Huillier, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alberta Ferretti, Liu Jo, Moschino, or any other label you will get it there. The turnover at this place is fast thus you should be fast too. Make sure what you are buying as the labels here may be cut outs too. They have another branch at 138 bd St Germain, 6th. They are closed on Sundays. On other days that is from Monday to Saturday, they are open from 10 to 7. Although it is at the chic area of St Germain, still it offers good quality clothes at quite affordable rates.


It is considered as the discount haven and you can find almost anything you want to wear here. Whether you need a wedding dress or children clothes you will get at Tati located at 4-18 Boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris. This departmental store may not give you the best quality clothes but when you are asking for something cheap and affordable they are the right choice. You can consider it the Parisian style of Walmart.

Tati boutique – Paris


This French footwear chain was established in 1896 by Designer André Perugia. It currently sells high-quality trendy shoes at affordable rates. Perugia is considered as the innovator of modern high heels and presently they manufacture, rather design unusual shoes. Some of such shoes are “heelless’ high heels or geometric sandals. There are many branches throughout the country and one such is at Sixth Arrondissement. You can find both casual and high fashion originals that are designed by the young designers. It may not be a very cheap option but when you want some designer shoes in your collection this shop will give you ones at very reasonable rates.

André boutique – Paris


When you want the charm of the Marais boutiques but do not agree to pay the price head to this shop. It means ‘the dresser’ and it dresses you well. It is as chic as any other boutique in the area with its elegant black exterior and the smart rails hanging the designer clothing. You will never get the discount until and unless you see the price tags. There are a lot of savings to be done. Once inside you will find covetable brands like Jean Paul Gaultier, Castelbajac and Issey Miyake. There are many other brands that will entice you. And along with that if you get a discount of about 60% what else will you want. So, if you are planning to have a big knit wool jumper by head to L’HABILLEUR.

L’Habilleur boutique – Paris

5-Bonpoint Fin de Séries Outlet

This place on the left bank has surely a lot to offer, starting from baby clothes to dresses for the flower girls. And everything you will get there at about 30% discount! This outlet will offer you the brands clothes at a discount rate. You may have to choose from the last season’s designs but still, they are worthy of the price that you pay for each dress. You will get anything for the young ladies and that too from the high-class brands without the high price tag! They have fifteen other boutique shop in Paris but be sure to head to this outlet if you want to get the clothes at bargained prices.


When you are looking for high dollar brands Paris has a lot to offer but if you require essentials that too at the right price you must head to Monoprix. This discount store has multiple outlets and you can go to any of them to buy your products. It is considered the target of Paris and it offers everything starting from the toiletries to makeup. If you want gourmet food you are in the right place. They too have an in-store bakery. It also has its own line of inexpensive clothing that offers almost anything you will require to wear. Apart from that it also has some brands but those may not be worth buying from the outlets of Monoprix.

Monoprix boutique – Paris

7-La Vallée Village

When you are going from one place to another in order to shop at reasonable rates then you must have La Vallée Village in your itinerary. You will get a feel of Rodeo drive rather than any discount outlet. Located at the suburbs of Paris at 3 Cours de la Garonne you will get some deal that will make you feel happy while you return back home. Do not get deceived by the appearance and nothing out there is high priced. You will get items at quite some discounted price. There are many labels that are worthy and you must take a try to have one of them at your closet. Do not worry as you do not have to pay much. The prices are quite reasonable here.

8-Maje outlet

Designer stock shops are one where you will get the trendy designs at a quite reasonable price. Maje is a French designer who has several outlets throughout France. However, when you are looking for some cheap option then head to 4 Rue de Marseille. You will get quite some range of items there that belongs to the last seasons. And you get the bargain as you will be paying only 50% of the original cost. You will get coats, dresses accessories at the coveted prices. At Montmartre, you will find the largest one that has great stock and every other day new collections are added. What else will you want? They are closed on Sunday thus complete your shopping between Monday to Saturday.

Maje boutique – Paris

9-Claudie Pierlot Stock

Claudie Pierlot started this brand in 1984 and although it may not be internationally renowned but is well known in France. When you want some French chic design nothing can offer what Claudie Pierlot has in its stock. You may try tailored jeans that have casual looks along with some heels and printed jackets. It will let you choose amongst the many collections that they keep on renewing always. At their stock shop at the Rue de Marseille, you will get a discount of about 50% all the year though. Just avoid the Sundays and you can get a good collection there.

Claudie Pierlot boutique – Paris

10-Marques Avenue

When you want to shop on Sundays and at reasonable rates your destination should be Marques Avenue. It is not exactly located in Paris but the commute of 1.5 hours will be worth once you reach there. This shopping mall sticks top designer brands along with different other products. The prices here are quite reasonable and pocket-friendly. Names like Etam, Hugo Boss, and Naf-Naf, will be seen there along with other French brands. There are more than 61 fashion stores from where you can buy anything you wish to have and return Paris with joy.

11-Saint Ouen Flea Market

Flea markets are a great place to shop. You get vintage items to different accessories. The most prominent among the Flea markets in Paris is Saint Quen. It is located at the city limits towards the north is easily accessible. It is a reference point when it comes to cheap shopping in Paris. It is open on all days except that the timings changes. There are innumerable shops out there from where you can buy off brands jeans or souvenirs to take back home. There are different items sold there and you may find that you may not need all of them. When you are planning to buy clothing the flea market has that too to offer. Around rue des Rosiers you will find the best bits. There are different restaurants and cafes where you can take some coffee in between the time of shopping. There is Marché Biron that has high-end antiques and red carpet. It may not be something you are looking for. Instead head to the Marché Dauphine, where you will get lost in the stalls and also find the items sold there enticing.

Saint Ouen Flea Market

12-Montreuil Market

Not as busy as the Saint Quen Flea market but you can enjoy some shopping time at the Montreuil Market too. Choose to go there in between Saturday to Monday and you will find a number of vendors taking up there stand for selling the wares they have. There are no permanent stalls out there as most vendors just spread a blanket or carpet on the ground and sell their products from there. You will get good antique products at the most reasonable rates but be sure that you bargained well there. There are a number of second hands clothe dealers too and if you wish to get really cheap products then it can be a good place to hunt.

Montreuil Market

13-Rue du Commerce

You must be quite sure that every Parisian must not purchase their clothes from the brand stores! Then where do they go for buying clothes? Head to Rue De commerce and you will get your answer. It is one of the secret places that are best for shopping in Paris. The hidden shopping streets have a lot to offer you starting from the latest designer labels to the affordable fashion wear. The streets are full of different shops and other establishments that will make you confused if you are not sure of what to buy. There you must feel and buy like a local who enjoys buying clothes from the secret street of Paris.

14-A.P.C Surplus

Whether you want signature leather goods or looking for minimalist accessories you can go to APC Surplus. It has been delivering the best clothing’s year after year along with leather goods that are worthy. The best thing is that you do not have to make a hole in your pocket for buying out there. Just make sure that you are looking for something modern. They are open also on Sundays and thus whenever you feel like shopping go head to them. This the place where the locals head to buying something chic at the most reasonable rates, so you should also give it a try.

A.P.C Surplus

15-Bel Air Stock

If you love buying clothes from different store outlets at the discounted price then apart from Les Petits and Maje you should head to Bel Air too! You can go there from Rue Marseilles and it is just near Claudie Pierlot stock and Maje stock. Thus when you are shopping out there why not head to this outlet too. You will get a discount on everything up to 50%. This brand created during the 1980s mainly specializes in modern femme. You will get quite some choices out there that are worth purchasing from different designers in Paris. And above all, you will be getting the discounts all year through. Don’t head there on Sundays as it is closed on that day.

To end the note

The name Paris brings a lot of images in front of your eyes but it may not always be possible to fulfill them. Trendy and Chic dresses, great accessories, designer leather goods and other items are something that everybody wishes to have in their closet. Now, that you know the different places from where you can get a good bargain those dreams may seem to come true. Before making any purchase make sure that you have checked the prices well. There are shops where you cannot bargain after getting the discount. Similarly, there are ones where you need to bargain so that you get the right price. Few places are open on Sunday so while in Paris try to complete your shopping during the weekdays. Sundays are for enjoying the beautiful city.

Frequently asked questions

Apart from the shops what are the best way to grab the best deals?

There are a number of shops in Paris where you can grab clothes or other souvenirs for taking back home. They really offer a good bargain but if you plan for something more and you are at the right time in Paris then head for the Season sales. Even these stores that offer affordable products will be providing discounts on their tag marks. Which means the same products will be cheaper. There is mainly two sales season in Paris, one in winter after Christmas and other in summer.

Many believe that during these sales these shops shed off their old stock, while that is true you can even get good products during this time. Have a look at the shops and you will find that there are some products that are really worthy and you can have them back at your home. Just remember that while buying during seasons sales you grab the products as the sales starts, as time progresses the stock will be handpicked and you may not get something at reasonable prices.

What are the best items that can be brought from Paris as a souvenir?

Paris is the land of culture and you will get a number of items that can be taken back home as souvenirs. Some of them worth mentioning are Béret, macaroons, scarfs, champagne, miniature Eiffel Towers, postcards, and key rings are some of the best things you can buy as souvenirs in Paris. Apart from these, you can always look for some chic items depending upon for whom you are purchasing it.

If you want some antiques to be gifted to your loved ones then the Flea markets are the best place where you can buy them from. There are different products that can be a good souvenir to take back home while you return. Just keep your eyes open while you are shopping on the roads of Paris.

What is the best thing about shopping in Paris?

While shopping in Paris you can buy different items. There are high-end couture products that are trendsetting and there are ones which are trendy enough to help you wear every day. Apart from the cloth lines, Paris has a lot more to offer. Enjoy the flea markets or go to the departmental stores. If you want to learn about the latest in the fashion you can head to some posh shop too! That’s what shopping in Paris is all about. Paris has a lot of things to offer to the shoppers. It has an ample amount of choices for buying the latest designs or going for something trendy.

How shopping in Paris is different from London or Rome?

Whether it’s Paris, London or Rome there is fresh fashion everywhere. However, there is the difference between the fashions in these three cities. While in Rome you will get something affordable easily Paris or London is not that affordable when it comes to brand. You have to get enough knowledge about the places from where you can buy the products. London has its own charisma and the French labels are quite different from those of the English labels.



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