The 17 Best Markets in Paris You Have to Visit

From clothes to the flower market, Paris has everything in it for its citizens and visitors. Whether you want to walk around a market just for window shopping or you are looking for something brilliant which you can bring back with you like the best memory of Paris, these amazing markets of Paris can be the best to visit. You can visit these markets to keep enjoying your shopping and to explore the shopping and fashion trends in Paris

during your stay in Paris. Are you looking for the Paris markets?

Whether covered or open, and fantastic resources to enjoy your shopping in the most beautiful and atmospheric ones, then this markets guide is surely going to be amazing for you. You can find here new foods, sample drinks to taste, amazing clothing, beautiful flowers and anything else which you may be looking for to buy.

The Paris markets are the best ones who have the ability to let you forget the entire world, even if just for the few minutes but you are surely going to be mesmerized with the beauty and collection of markets in Paris and you will forget that you are a visitor there. These amazing markets have the ability to let you feel like you are not a visitor here rather you are a part of these amazing places from a long period of time.

You will find a lot of people enjoying visiting the markets around you, but summer can be the time when people really come to life. The most interesting part is that there are more than 90 markets in the Paris which you can visit, but we will discuss the most interesting of them so that you can get a perfect list of markets to enjoy your time and to experience the best shopping with ease.

Let’s start with our the best markets in Paris to have more fun during your stay in Paris.

The 17 best markets in Paris that you can visit to have great fun and the best shopping experience

If you are fond of shopping and love to explore the markets, then you must visit the amazing markets of Paris. If you want to know which marketplaces are the best for you to visit then the following list can be the best option to get more idea about the best markets in Paris.

1- Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

It is not right to visit Paris but do not explore Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. This market is on the north-east side of the city which has boasted more than 3000 traders, and all of them are unique with some aspects. This market is actually a crossway between a covered and street market and offering the best range of stalls which are increasing in number with every passing day. It can be difficult for visitors to ignore this market. Once you have entered the market, you can surely get amazing things to shop there. And this can be the perfect place for the bargain hunters to shop. You can spend there an afternoon with ease while looking for antique furniture, and you can find the ancient postcards which are handwritten and dated back to the early 19th century.

Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen

2- Marché Dejean

This is one of the best but bustling food market which you can find in Paris. This food market is showcasing the best culture of Franco-West Africa. You can be surrounded by the amazing and delightful smells. If you are looking halal meat, then this market can be the best place to get the fresh and halal meat. You can find a number of boutiques and café there and can enjoy your shopping and food altogether at the same place with ease.

Marché Dejean Paris

3- Marché International de Rungis

This is a perfect market to visit but not a better option for the tourists with an absent mind. This market is best to visit because you can find your favorite of French chefs there with ease and the location of the market is slightly out of the center as compared to its small competitors but is perfect for those who are looking a better affinity for the fresh produce. It can be a little far than the others but worth to travel this extra distance if you are looking for fresh products. The market may start at 4:30 am.

4- Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux

Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux is located near Notre Dame Cathedral. This is the best market that you must visit if you are in Paris on Sunday. This market can be the best place for entertainment and never fails to surprise the visitors with having the amazing variety of flowers and birds which are surely going to mesmerize you. Occasionally, you can find rabbits and other animals too there.

You can find the best variety if freshly cut and potted both flowers in Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux. Well, whatever Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux is going to offer, you are surely going to enjoy wandering through this market. This market is easily accessible than other markets that you must visit in Paris. Although it is a hidden market in the periphery of Paris it can be best to visit this market.

While buying flower is not a practical thing to do during your brief holiday but visiting Marche aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II can be the most interesting experience for you to have in Paris. If you are looking for the best market to wander around and to enjoy the things around then, you must visit Marche aux Fleurs Reine Elizabeth II.

Marché aux Fleurs et Oiseaux Paris

5- Le Marché Rétro d’Oberkampf

Paris is a perfect place and has a number of pop up markets which may appear for just several times a year at different locations. Le Marché Rétro d’Oberkampf is a perfect market for clothing and furniture and has the ability to offer you extraordinary things. This market has brought with the best vintage collection and has taken the vintage to an entirely new level and focusing on the style modifications of the 1960s. This is offering the best range of furniture you can expect to see a lot of statement pieces there with ease.


If you are visiting the places near metro station Les Halles, Sentier, then you must plan to visit RUE MONTORGUEIL – GRANDS BOULEVARDS. This market remains open for an entire week, and you can go any day there to enjoy the amazing market with ease. This is one of the most famous street markets in Paris. You can find something to do all day there with ease.

If you want to do some food shopping, then the morning times can be the best for that and if you are looking to do other shopping, then the rest of the day can be enough to explore RUE MONTORGUEIL – GRANDS BOULEVARDS with ease. If you are a food lover, then you can never find any best place to have yummy cheese than RUE MONTORGUEIL – GRANDS BOULEVARDS with ease.



Near the Ledru-Rollin, Bastille metro station, you can find a perfect place to visit, and that is MARCHÉ ALIGRE – BASTILLE. This market will be closed on Monday so do not plan to visit this on Monday. Other than Mondays you can visit this market at any time but weekends can be even best. This is the eastern-Paris and can be the worth visiting during morning hours when the streets around are fully packed with fresh vegetables and fruits. Once you have done with the shopping of fresh fruits and vegetables their you can move inside to complete your remaining list of shopping with ease. You can find there a lot to see in the ALIGRE market with ease.


If you are near Villiers metro station and finding that you have stuck in a posh area, then you must visit RUE DE LÉVIS – 8TH ARRONDISSEMENT because it can be your neighborhood exception. You can find the best flats near RUE DE LÉVIS – 8TH ARRONDISSEMENT too. At RUE DE LÉVIS – 8TH ARRONDISSEMENT you can find everything that your mouth can ever desire you can see how local residents do about their day.

You can find the best-roasted chicken for lunch there, and this can be your perfect meal to enjoy. You can enjoy your shopping there, and once you have done with your shopping, you can visit any nearer café and enjoy a long cup of coffee to relax and watch the life go over. You can find a better picnic lunch place at next door and can find it the best idea to have more fun.



Some of us may do not find any charm in 7th arrondissement but discovering RUE CLER – EIFFEL TOWER DISTRICT can amaze you, and you will feel as you are back in that area at several times. Although this is a short street but has the ability to give you a wonderful experience.

You can find this street filled with amazing and unusual culinary products and in the weekends café around the street will make extra spots in cafés to be available in the middle of the street and to give you an even better opportunity to shop and dine together. If you want to visit this market, it is going to be a great idea to visit this place on Sundays. It is because on Sunday you can find an antique market too around which will have the best antique products to amaze you.


If you are thinking about to explore the markets of Paris, then it not going to be wasted to head to the Ternes metro station especially on Saturday. This can be the best avenue which can mean the buzz of glitz and glamour to anyone. Although this market is a small street market in the 17th arrondissement. You can find the best quality and a fresh collection of food-related items there such as vegetables, fruits, cheese, and amazing seafood.

The very best part of this market is that you are going to get a local experience there guaranteed and it is because most of the tourist ignore this amazing place and go straight to the Champs Elysees.


Get a metro bus and head to Arts et Métiers metro station to visit the amazing market to have the best shopping experience. During your visit to Paris, do not forget to visit MARCHÉ LES ENFANTS ROUGES – MARAIS. The meaning of the market name is “the market of the red children” which is based on the identity of a local orphanage who sold the goods at this spot and the children were dressed in red aprons.

You can have a super friendly shopping experience at this place. You can find the best and most unusual selection of market delights there. You can find the best places to buy a few other things and can get the loveliest picnic spot there. Sunday is the best time to visit this market place, and you are surely going to feel blessed when you will visit this market.



The best place near Place Monge is MARCHÉ MONGE – LATIN QUARTER which is worth visit on Wednesday, Friday and Monday. Although the traditional neighborhood markets are hard to find. But to visit such places you have to know the times when these markets will be open and where you can find them. This market can be best to explore if you have come by Marche Monge.

It is one of the best and most amazing markets in Paris. In the routine, you will not be able to find much happening there, but on Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday the real colors of life will appear there. On these days the square comes to life, and you will be able to find everything there. If you want to have a light lunch and want to enjoy the best day while shopping then you must visit Marche Monge on any of the three mentioned days.

Besides the fresh produce in this market, you can also get ready to go African dresses, food, jewelry and a lot of other items which can attract anyone with ease. And above of all the amazing color around and the perfect collection of the things is surely going to make you fall in love with this market.


RUE MOUFFETARD – LATIN QUARTER is known as one of the best markets in Paris. This place is having a lot of historical importance and this street in the Latin quarter is the outside of city walls and was one of the famous Roman roads which were being used to go from Paris to Rome. It can be the best place to start your day by exploring the RUE MOUFFETARD – LATIN QUARTER and have a picnic plan too with a full plan of shopping to make your visit of RUE MOUFFETARD – LATIN QUARTER more memorable. RUE MOUFFETARD – LATIN QUARTER is a place which should not be missed by you.



MARCHÉ EDGAR QUINET – MONTPARNASSE is another one of the best markets that you consider to visit in Paris. This can be the most amazing place to visit especially for the food lovers, but you have to keep in mind that this market opens just twice a week. So, before planning to visit MARCHÉ EDGAR QUINET – MONTPARNASSE, you must know about the days when his market will be open.

If you are looking for the best food and want to enjoy the amazing taste of open-air food paradise, then plan to visit MARCHÉ EDGAR QUINET – MONTPARNASSE on Saturday or Wednesday. While if you want to visit the crafts market at MARCHÉ EDGAR QUINET – MONTPARNASSE then you can visit this place on Sunday too. Keep in mind the fact that you must come to visit this market early.

It is because the market tends to shut down early. And you can plan a picnic at Luxembourg Garden, which is just at the walk of 10 minutes from the market. To enjoy double fun, you must think about to visit MARCHÉ EDGAR QUINET – MONTPARNASSE.


If you are looking for the best option of a covered food market then you must go around the Jacques Bonsergent, Strasbourg – Saint-Denis metro station to visit MARCHÉ SAINT-MARTIN – GRANDS BOULEVARDS. It is because this is one of the best-covered food markets that you can find in Paris. And the biggest benefit of visiting MARCHÉ SAINT-MARTIN – GRANDS BOULEVARDS can be the best selection of the finest and fresh food which you can find in MARCHÉ SAINT-MARTIN – GRANDS BOULEVARDS with ease.

This market is there since 1859, and it opens every day from morning to evening and provides you with the best range of fresh produce. And the most interesting thing about MARCHÉ SAINT-MARTIN – GRANDS BOULEVARDS is that along with the fresh food you can find the best French style takeaway food options too there.


This is the only non-food market which you can visit but yet surely going to enjoy this visit. Head of to the Garibaldi metro station and visit the BONUS: MARCHÉ AUX PUCES – SAINT-OUEN which is one of the best flea markets that you can ever found in Paris.

This is one of the biggest flea markets all around the world. In the old times, this was a place where junk material was being sold but now it has turned into the biggest market which is worth visiting on Monday, Saturday, and is an amazing antique market and can be the best place for the bargain hunters to get the amazing antique style products at the most affordable price ranges.

Some places in this market are known as home to antique furniture which can be the best opportunity to hands on the best variety of furniture but taking a picture may be forbidden. If you are looking for the coolest and off the best things to do in Paris than visiting BONUS: MARCHÉ AUX PUCES – SAINT-OUEN can be the best of them.

17- Le Marche de Saint-Pierre

If you are found of DIY products, then Le Marche de Saint-Pierre can be the best market which comes with the amazing DIY creative flair in Paris. This can be the best place to visit, and you can surely find everything which you may need at Le Marche de Saint-Pierre. Here you can find an amazing range of clothing and other textile products. You can visit this market on any day of the week during 8:00 am to 6:30 pm with ease.

Le Marche de Saint-Pierre Paris

Have a most amazing visit to Paris with our fine guide about the best markets in Paris.


Is there any flea market or a cheap shopping place which I can visit during the week?

If you are looking for a flea market where you can enjoy cheap shopping with ease, then you must look for the street markets for this purpose. It is because street markets can be the best option to avail for the ones who are looking to get some amazing memories within the form of the most amazing gifts for home or for the loved ones.

You can find the best collection of vintage and antique products that you can get at an affordable price range. And one more thing that you have to keep in mind about these street markets is that this can be a perfect place of shopping for the ones who know how to bargain in an effective way.

Bastille market can be the best option for you if you are looking for the best market to visit during the week because Bastille can be the worth visiting on Thursday. You can find every type of stuff there at an affordable price range with ease. Marche D’Aligre is a covered market and can be the best option for you to have shopping at amazing prices.

Which can be the best market in Paris to get vintage clothing?

Although vintage clothing can be a bit expensive, a lot of people love to shop vintage clothing products in Paris. It is because bringing vintage clothing with you is going to be the best thing to have which you can use for different events or gift to your loved ones to inspire them with your choice.

So, most of us want to buy vintage clothing material and want to know which are the best places which can be visited to get the amazing vintage clothing products with ease. If you are the one who also wants to get the name of some best places where you can find the best pieces of vintage clothing then to visit St. Ouen, Porte de Vanves, Montreuil, or the Brocantes at Place d’Aligre, or Avenue de l’Observatoire is surely going to be beneficial regarding this.

Here, you can find the best and huge variety of vintage clothing and can get some amazing options for you with ease. These places are the best representatives of amazing vintage collection. But while buying vintage clothing items, you have to be careful. It is because as these are ancient enough so may become damaged with the time. So. Look carefully all the items which you want to buy.

Is it worth visiting to go St Ouen flea market for vintage collection?

Are you interested in the vintage collection and looking for the best vintage clothing? Then you consider visiting the St Ouen flea market. Although vintage collection and the other recent second hand are mixed in the racks of St Ouen flea market, fortunately, you can find the very helping and friendly staff there which is always very welcoming. The staff of St Ouen flea market is always feeling happy to serve you and will help you to get the best vintage pieces with ease. If you are one who does not know much about the vintage collection but wants to own some pieces of this amazing collection then visiting St Ouen flea market can be the best option for you due to the amazing staff but you have to keep in mind that you can’t bargain there. The prices of the vintage collection at St Ouen flea market are already cheaper than other places in the market. So, hopefully, you will not find a need to bargain and can get the best product for you with ease.

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