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Tips for your first time in Paris


Visiting Paris is a must-have experience for every traveler. Paris is a very beautiful city and can be your favorite city as a vacation destination. There are so many beautiful cities, but this city is still a favorite for most travelers.

Many travelers come to Paris, but they are not able to explore every corner of Paris in just one day. In fact, some travelers have come to the city of Paris many times, but they are still curious about its privileges.

Some visitors will never even succeed in peeling each layer. Paris, like New York and London, is one city that will have a part that is forever shrouded in mystery. No matter how hard you travel, no one can get to the core of Paris. But you don’t need to know everything. You just need to know how to make a pleasant trip Travel to Paris.

For those who have never been to Paris, you need to know a few things about Paris and tips on traveling to Paris for the first time. There are many beautiful places that you can visit in Paris, but visiting Paris is not just a matter of traveling, you also need to know all about Paris so you can comfortably enjoy your first-time visit to Paris.

How to get transportation and accommodation?

You don’t need to stay at a hotel near the airport except for one night and you have a very early flight the next day. Paris airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly, are far outside the city center. Cobblestone Paris Rentals is the perfect accommodation for when you want something special. The apartment is very Parisian and beautifully decorated.  If you want to stay at a hotel in Paris, compare the best rates of hotels in Paris. Paris hotels can be expensive, but there is always an agreement that you may get to get an affordable hotel.

For those who will be traveling by train, you must validate your ticket before boarding the train, just like when you exchange your boarding pass on an airport. If you don’t check in first, you will be fined for that. Furthermore,  you should not miss your train because the train won’t wait for you, as if you were left behind by a plane. Suppose you do not want to go by train, you may also go by taxi. Uber is also available in Paris anyway.

Paris transportation

If you want to be more economical, especially if you have a large number of groups, you can rent a car. But, the cost incurred will be greater for buying gasoline, tolls, and parking. So, you must think carefully and it may be important to compare the cost of going by train to renting a car. If you really want to get cheap transport, then just take a bus, but it may take a long time. Fortunately, Paris has a very good bus system as if you want to go by flight.

Where to stay in Paris for the first time?

For Paris first-timers, looking for places to stay can be time-consuming and confusing. When you finally arrive in Paris, you need to find the best place to stay. Of course, hotels are the right choices for you to take a rest after the long flight. Suppose you want to stay in a place that is close to all the attractions in the city, then you would love to stay in the Louvre – 1st Arrondissement. But, this place is considered to be so expensive, so it is not suitable for a budget traveler. Still, you can find some mid-range hotels that offer affordable prices such as hotel Prince Albert, Hôtel De La Place Du Louvre, Luxury Hôtel Regina Louvre, Luxury Hotel Dupond-Smith, and much more.

Le Meurice Hotel in 1st arrondissment

What meals do you have to take in Paris?

Parisians tend to eat dinner at 08 pm up to 10 pm. You might not find a restaurant that opens until 08 pm. Unlike the other countries, you may not find a better restaurant that opens during the dinner time, but the cafe is open at any time. You can actually eat any foods in Paris, but you may try the traditional meals of France that you may never try before.

You may try Escargot (snails cooked with garlic and butter), steak tartare (raw beef mixed with spices and eggs), confit de canard (duck cooked with its own fat), cassoulet (dish with beans, sausages and confit de canard), Quiche lorraine (quiche with cheese and ham), and moules marinières (shellfish cooked with white wine, garlic, and spices). There are also a lot of macarons, baguettes, and pain au chocolat, and much more.

You can a lot of cheese in Paris and it becomes regular food for Parisians.  For the best steak fries experience, you can visit Le Relais de L’Entrecôte. You will be served steak mini fries, and after you are done, they bring you another steak and a few more fries.

Cheese shop in Paris

L’as du Falafel has the most famous cheap food in Paris. Their Falafel is amazing and best eaten on a bench at the nearest Place des Vosges. In addition, you can find Crepes everywhere in Paris, either in street food stalls or big restaurants, but make sure you try the original one. You can go to the Breizh Cafe to buy original soba bread followed by salted caramel crepe with Chantilly cream.

You also have to visit a traditional boulangerie, or bakery. Take some baguettes, some pastries, or any mysterious item that looks delicious. Du Pain et Des Idées may be the best choice for you.

Paul Bakery – Paris

You may not believe that there is a very popular restaurant in Paris that you must visit when you come to Paris for the first. It is called Chartier and you must be ready to wait in line because there are so many people who want to enjoy their meals in this restaurant.

In addition, you also must not miss the ethnic foods in Paris. If you do not want to try France foods, then you may consider trying middle east foods, Asian Foods, Indian foods, or African foods. You can easily find some restaurants that sell some ethnic foods according to your wishes.

If you are a vegetarian, you can also find some special places to enjoy some vegetables in Paris. For instance, you can just try Crepes and Omelet which become the most favorite means for Parisians for Lunch and Dinner. You can order some salad without meat that is always available in most restaurants in Paris, or you just pick one of the ethnic foods as you wish. Some of the recommended vegetarian restaurants are Le Bar des Artisans, Le Potager du Marais, Macéo, and Pousse-Pousse.

Parisian Crepes

What are the best destinations in France besides Paris?

France? You must immediately remember Paris city? indeed Paris is the perfect place for people who want to travel and is a dream for many people. Paris may be more famous than France around the world. There are actually so many cities in France that you can visit, actually near Paris close to Normandy, where the area has beautiful architecture. Besides, the city also has a beautiful coastline, and the city also has friendly citizens. If you like to travel far, you can come to Provence. In Provence itself, there are many attractions where you can see bullfighting, kayaking, and wine tasting there. So, Paris is not the only destination to visit in France, but since you are the Paris first-timers, you can just focus on Paris for now on.

Tips on How to Save Money During Holiday in Paris

Paris is known to be the most expensive destination for travelers. Many people think that they have to bring a lot of cash so they can enjoy the entire Paris. It may be true, but there are always some ways to save money during your holiday in Paris. Below are some tips that you must know:

Order some tap water

Some new visitors who come to Paris may not realize that they can order tap water at any restaurants during the meal time. Tap water is available for free at cafes, restaurants, and Bars in the city of Paris. So, you do not have to buy some bottled water while you can get free tap water which is also drinkable.

Public transportation is the cheapest way

If it is impossible to explore Paris on foot, then you may take public transportation like a bus rather than going by taxi. Somehow, walking is still the best choice because you do not need to pay at all. But, it can be so tiring if you want to head to a distant location.

Paris bus map

Enjoy your day to visit Museums for free

It is always possible to enjoy museums for free? Most of Paris’s museums are free on the first Sunday of the month. So, you can use your time to enjoy the museums that are completely free of charge. But, you have to get to the museums as soon as possible because the day will be so much busy.

Have a picnic in some green spaces

Suppose you really want to save your budget during your first visit to Paris, you may take your time to enjoy a picnic along with your family and friends. Paris has a lot of places for a picnic, particularly during the summer. You do not need to buy expensive foods in restaurants, but you can bring some simple foods that you can buy from the local grocery.

Picninc at Champ de mars in front of the Eiffel Tower

Buy some drinks during the happy hour

If you want to have some drinks at affordable prices, you may need to buy the drinks during happy hours. You can enjoy some non-alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and beers at lower prices. You can find so many bars in Paris that offer happy hours every day, You can drink some wines at good prices or you can also buy cocktails for half-price in some bars.

What are the Best Places to Visit in Paris for the First Timers?

You may be confused about where to go when you finally arrive in Paris. This is your first time to visit Paris and you have no idea where to visit. There are actually a lot of amazing landmarks in Paris that you have to visit if you are a first timer. Paris is a great city and you cannot explore the whole excitement in just one day. Perhaps, these following best places and landmarks in Paris may inspire just in case you decide to spend your holiday in Paris for a couple weeks.

Eiffel Tower

If you visit Paris but you don’t visit the Eiffel tower, your first visit to Paris will be in vain. This is the icon of Paris that you must not miss when you arrive in Paris. You will be feeling more excited if you go upstairs to get a view of Paris. You can come at night so that the glittering city lights can be captured and recorded.

You can enjoy some delicious restaurants in this tower so that they can all enjoy culinary tours if you like some special Parisian menus. From the Eiffel Tower, another thing that can be done is to send a postcard directly on the spot and don’t forget to buy souvenirs from the souvenir shops in this tower too. This is a really huge and high tower that you can only find in Paris.

Visiting the Eiffel tower

The entrance ticket to only reach the 2nd floor, adult visitors are charged an entry fee of EUR 11. Visitors aged 12-24 are charged 8.50 EUR. The visitors aged between 4 and 11 years and those with special needs are charged at 4 EUR.

If you want to get to the top of the tower, you have to pay EUR 17 for adults. Kids aged 12-24 are changed as much as EUR 14.50. Particularly for toddlers under 11 old years or visitors with special needs, they are charged EUR 8 to enter the location.

The Eiffel Tower is open every day from 9 am to 12 pm.

Seine River

Your first-time visit to Paris will not be perfect if you never visit the Seine River. From this river, you can sail and surround the city of Paris to see the city beauty. One of the most exciting ways that you must try is to take a cruise ship. It is not only on the open deck, but you can also enjoy all its beautiful view and you can also even look at the beautiful city of Paris from the inside while having a romantic dinner or lunch.

Seine River – Paris

For those who bring a lot of money,  you can find a yacht rental and choose a cruise ship which provides dinner packages. Nighttime panorama also looks as beautiful as what you can see in the daylight view. Thus, it will definitely be more unforgettable to enjoy your romantic dinner in a yacht along with your lovely partners, especially for those who are currently on honeymoon. Paris must be a great destination to enjoy your honeymoon.

Particularly for the Seine River cruise to enjoy the scenery, you have to pay the ticket from GBP 24, while the dinner package costs about GBP 55.

Cruise tours are always available every day with a duration of about 60 minutes.

Pont des Arts Bridge

Paris is considered the most romantic city all around the world. In this case, for those who have soulmates must visit the Pont des Arts. It is a bridge that collects a lot of love locks from every couple who visit this bridge. A bridge above the Seine River that connects the Louvre Museum and the Institute de France is actually a bridge that is specifically built for pedestrians and local people.

Pont Des Arts Bridge

It was built in 1981-1984, and it has a width of 11 meters and a length of 155 meters. It was first built as a replacement for the old broken bridge. This bridge is commonly considered as the symbol of love to show immortal love. You only need to write the initials of your name and your soulmate in a lock, then you just put the lock the bridge fence. Next, you just throw the key into the water. In addition, another interesting thing about this location is that this place is usually used for art and recreation exhibitions in the summer.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum is close to the Pont des Arts and it was first known as the French royal palace. The Louvre Museum belongs to one of the largest museums in the world and certainly the most famous one in Paris. There are about 8 million people who visit this museum every year and it is very clear that this tourist spot becomes one of the most visited museums in the world. The museum has more 350 thousand more exhibition objects along with more than thirty thousand artworks. One of the most famous artworks in the world is the Mona Lisa painting that is available in this museum.

In addition to the Mona Lisa paintings that you must see directly in this museum, the Louvre Museum also has the Reverse Pyramid and Louvre Pyramid. This museum has been built since 1190 and it was a royal palace. Then, in 1989  I.M Pei an American architect built a glass pyramid that used for the entrance.

Louvre meusum – Paris

You have to pay the entrance ticket for about EUR 9  to enter the museum. But, if you visit this place above 6 pm on a Friday or Wednesday, then there is a special discount so you only need to pay EUR 6 to enjoy the museum.

The Louvre Museum is available for visitors from Wednesday to Monday. Particularly on Fridays and Wednesdays, the museum opens from 9 am to 9:45 pm. Meanwhile, on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the museum always opens from 9 am to 6 pm.


This landmark is a fun place that is famous in Paris because it looks very antique. It has a great history and precious attraction and is always full of many tourists every day. There are two attractions that you can find on this location, called the ancient windmills which have been there since the ancient times until now and the white building that of basilica church on a hilltop. What’s so interesting to enjoy ancient windmills and basilica churches? The atmosphere is one reason that will automatically make you feel amazed and surprised.

Montmartre – Paris

In this area, there are so many cafes, stores, and other buildings that have unique classical structures and they are close to each other. You really like to see ancient and elegant buildings, you must definitely like to visit this place, especially to see houses with vines on the walls. Moreover, you can also enjoy some street performers that every visitor can enjoy during the visit to Montmartre.

The Church of the basilica always opens for domestic and international tourists every day from 6 am to 11 pm.

You don’t have to pay to enter this area, even you do not need to have reservations to visit in groups.

Place de la Concorde

Paris has the largest square and also becomes the main square which is called as Place de la Concorde. It was built and designed in 1755 by Jacques Gabriel and has an octagonal shape and a trench as a barrier. This landmark is really special and wonderful as well as looks so different from any other squares in many other countries. The purpose of the square creation is to surround the King Louis VX statue that was built in 1748 (before the square built), no wonder if the square is also called as Place Louis XV. What can you get and enjoy around this square?

Place de la concorde

There are 8 statues that mark the octagonal shape of this square and there are 8 cities in France represented by these statues, they are Strasbourg, Nantes, Lyon, Brest, Bordeaux, Rouen, Marseille, and Lille.

There is also a fountain in this square called La Fontaine des Mers and Elevation of the Maritime where one is on the south side of the Obelisk and the others are on the north side.

The 23-meter Egyptian Obelisk also becomes an attraction in this square and is even located in the center so that it can immediately catch the attention of visitors. The construction of this obelisk began in 1836 and became one of the obelisks which were awarded by the viceroy of Egypt in 1829. There are actually two obelisks, but one obelisk remains in Egypt because of difficulties in the transportation process.

Place de la Concorde is always available for tourists every day and every time and you do not have to pay to enjoy it.

Arc de Triomphe

For those who visit Paris for the first time, this tourist landmark is also called the Victory Gate and it also becomes the most popular monument in Paris. This monument is also considered to be one of the biggest gates in history. The construction of the gate itself was once to commemorate Napoleon’s victory and also based on orders from Napoleon when he was a leader in 1806 after he successfully won the Austerliz war against Austria.

Arc de Triomphe – Paris

The Arc de Triomphe is open from 10 am to 11 pm from April to September.

The Arc de Triomphe is open from 10 am to 11 pm from October to March.

Champ Elysee

Paris is also known to have an elite area that is certainly open to local and foreign tourists. When visiting this area, you will be satisfied with the storefronts containing perfumes and branded goods. Not only shopping for expensive and branded items, but tourists can also get culinary tours in a number of expensive cafes on the Champ Elysee. Given the width of the sidewalk in this area, pedestrians are guaranteed to feel safe and comfortable while walking around the area.

Champs Élysées – Paris

For tourists who like shopping or even shopping for expensive goods, this can be a paradise you. If you are now around the Champ Elysee, at least you can try to visit the Avenue Montaigne, one of the most luxurious streets in Paris. It is true that all the way to the location in the golden triangle between the Seine River and the Champs Elysee, you can see luxury boutiques like Nina Ricci, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, and Bulgari. So, if you plan to spend your first holiday in Paris, you must bring more money so you can enjoy the shopping paradise in this region.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral becomes the most popular church in Paris which is also known as the most attractive tourist attraction. With the style of a gothic church building, the location of this church is on a small island in the middle of the Seine River. The building of this church has been there since the 12th century and the architectural style of Notre Dame with its gothic side is considered to be the best example, making this church building gain high popularity. The Mass of the Archbishop of France is also commonly taking place in this cathedral.

One of the interesting things is that tourists can not only visit the cathedral, but they can also enjoy the coolness and freshness of the Seine River around this building. You will not only enjoy the interior of the church, but you are also allowed to go up to the section of the tower above so that you can clearly see the view of Paris from there. There is also an underground storage room that tourists can enter this church, so decide where you want to explore first.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Also, on the outside of the church, there is a beautiful park which becomes the most favorite one by the surrounding community. There is a myriad of other interesting places that can be visited when coming to Notre Dame Cathedral.

Visitors are free of charge to enter Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame Cathedral is open every day from 7:45 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. from Monday to Friday, while on Saturdays and Sundays the church is open to visitors from 7:45 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.

Le Marais

It is a district that is full of history in Paris. When you visit Paris for the first time, you are recommended to come to this landmark, especially if you like architecture traveling so much. There are lots of spectacular buildings with architecture that contain important historical values.

Le Marais – Paris

Like most old cities in many other countries and have a lot of histories, traveling to Le Marais will be very enjoyable because there are various types of shops that you can find too. You may also try culinary tour this place, especially if you want to try falafel which is a typical Jewish sandwich.

Dans le Noir

For those who like culinary, you must not miss Dans le Noir which will provide a unique atmosphere in enjoying meals. As the name implies which means in the dark,  customers will be placed in the dark after entering this restaurant. So, for those who have a phobia of darkness, this place may not be a good place to enjoy foods. The main concept of this restaurant is to play five sensory games in which customers are invited not to use their eyesight and to use only the senses of hearing, touching, taste and smell.

Dans le Noir restaurant

In the darkness, customers will only catch whispers and some sounds to divert the attention of the guests from the special tasting process. Customers will get a surprise menu which is usually not normal (according to the season). Blind servants are the ones who will serve the menu and new customers will know what menu they just eat when the meal was completely finished.

Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil

Maybe, some tourists are not too familiar to hear the name of this location. Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil is quite long and difficult to spell, but when you arrive at this park with super beautiful panoramas, you certainly won’t regret it. A number of greenhouses can also be found in this landmark, including Palmarium, which is a large palm house. The park built in the 18th century was actually created by the order of King Louis XV.

Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil

The more impressive thing is that tourists will be happy with the statue and fountain in this park. There are many things that this park is trying to offer where one of them is a view of orchids. Apparently, the beautiful orchid flower even becomes a nest for a number of cute little birds. Tourists are guaranteed to be satisfied and happy while visiting this place especially when they enjoy their holiday along with family.

Le Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil is open every day and operates from 8 am to 7.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Especially on weekends, visitors can visit this spot between 9 am and 8 pm.

Finally, that’s all about Paris and everything which you need to know just in case you intend to visit Paris for the first time. In fact, there are a lot of more places to visit that also offer more excitement and beauty. Somehow, you can explore those attractions one by one once you get there. Anyway, you cannot explore the whole excitement and the attractions in one day, but you can spend your first visit to Paris for a couple weeks.  



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