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What Is the Best Place in Paris to Impress a Girl?


Paris is known to be a romantic city where lots of couples visit to spend their honeymoons. The atmosphere of this city encourages hearty and carefree love for the romantic men and women. But you need to know about some interesting places in Paris, where you can really impress your ladylove. In this article, I am going to inform about a few such charming places that will definitely make your love life more delightful in Paris.

What Is the Best Place in Paris to Impress a Girl? Your stylish girlfriend will love the experience of spending quality time in the lively nightclubs of Paris. So you may take her to any of the following clubs – Rex Club, Wanderlust, La Java, Le Baron, Silencio or Djoon. There are quite a number of well-known romantic restaurants in Paris, where you may be able to have a wonderful dinner with your girlfriend. You will get the best quality foods and drinks in these restaurants; among which Le Cling, Buvette, Allard, and Epicure are known to be popular dating spots. If your lady has a liking for shopping, you may take her to the renowned shopping malls of Paris; like Forum des Halls, Passage du Havre Mall, Carrousel du Louvre, and Les Quatre Temps. However, if both of you are more keen on visiting the tourist spots, then you may start by touring Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame, and Arc de Triomphe. Le Marais is a famous historical district that no tourist ever wants to miss, because of its magnificent mansions, and churches. Luxembourg Palace and Gardens is known for its remarkable architecture, sculptures and different other art forms that provide full entertainment to the couples.

Luxembourg Palace and Gardens – Paris

This is only the brief gist of the numbers of romantic places in Paris, where you can impress your girlfriend. You need to know in details about these places that are mentioned above so that you can enjoy your dates there. The importance of these places will help you in enjoying every bit of your valuable time spent with your beloved in a memorable way, which will make your time in Paris memorable for lifelong.

Most enjoyable restaurants, bars, and clubs for dating in Paris

You may opt for a romantic candle-lit dinner in Le Baron Rouge, which is a popular restaurant-cum-wine bar in rue Theophile Roussel. The classic French cuisine of cheese and oysters are available in this restaurant in small platters, along with exotic varieties of wine. The couples enjoy soft music in the dimly lighted ambiance while relishing on their foods and drinks. La Dame De Canton is a huge wooden ship that is now turned into a bar and restaurant. The bowel of this barge is adorned with carpets and cushions, lighted with lanterns to allow the diners to enjoy the tasty French dishes. Les Ombres is a restaurant on the top floor of Musee du Quai Branly, from where the diners can have a lovely view of Eiffel Tower. More than 100 people can enjoy French cuisine at this rooftop restaurant while its terrace is also opened for more customers on sunny weather.

La Dame De Canton – Paris

Concrete at Port De La Rapee, Harry’s New York Bar at Rue Daunou, Panic Room at Rue Amelot, Matignon at Avenue Matignon, and Titty Twister at Rue De Berri is known to be the most favorite single bars of Paris, where you will love to have drinks with your ladylove. Flute L’ Etoile is a popular bar that is located at a small side-street from de l’Etoile, where you can enjoy wonderful champagne cocktails while sitting on comfortable sofas. Prescription Cocktail Club is another cocktail bar that is considered ideal for the couples, due to its sophisticated ambiance and tasty cocktails of various kinds. If your budget is limited, you may buy a bottle of wine of your choice and enjoy drinking it with your sweetheart on the bank of River Seine, while looking at the mesmerizing view on sunset there.

The vibrant atmospheres of the nightclubs of Paris make the couples enjoy the nightlife of this city thoroughly. They can dance to the beats of all kinds of music at these places, aided by various modern musical instruments. Le Social Club at rue Montmartre, Rex Club at boulevard Poissonnière, Le Truskel at rue Feydeau, Chacha Club at rue Berger, and La Bellevilloise at rue Boyer are only a few reputed nightclubs that have international quality DJs and secure ambiance for the entertainment of the couples.

Rex club – Paris

Few unusual places in Paris where you can visit with your girlfriend

You may walk hand in hand with your ladylove by the banks of River Seine and over the bridges, from where you can enjoy the splendid scenic beauty and the city skyline of Paris. It will be a lovely stroll amidst the sunshine and cool breeze from the river, mainly near Notre Dame. Apart from appreciating the French architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral, the couples can visit Ile Saint Louis, which is a small island on River Seine, housing some boutiques, restaurants and ice cream shops.

Île Saint Louis – Paris

Luxembourg Gardens surrounding Luxembourg Palace is a beautiful place that will cheer up your ladylove immediately, due to its breathtaking views of greenery, colorful flowers, and excellent sculptures. The calm atmosphere of this garden with a large octagonal basin of water at its center lures the couples to enjoy some cozy moments together. They may be also entertained by the puppet show and musical programs held in a gazebo of this garden. There is a cafeteria where people can sit both indoor and outdoor while relishing on their foods and drinks.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées is a 1.9 Kilometer long road of Paris, by the side of which you will find plenty of restaurants, retail stores, gardens, theatres, and monuments. Arc de Triomphe is a victory monument that stands at the western end of this avenue and at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle, which is the juncture of twelve roads radiating in all directions. On its eastern end lies Place de la Concorde, the largest public square of Paris with Obelisk of Luxor at its center.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées paris

Parc Montsouris is a vast park on the 14th arrondissement of Paris, with plenty of flora and fauna seen in summer. This park is notable for a large lake, natural caves, waterfalls, and many old trees over the thick carpet of green grasses. There are a driveway and several benches where the lover couples spend time in admiring nature’s beauty and professing their love.

Parc Montsouris – Paris

The Place Dauphine is a famous square of Paris that is very close to River Seine and it is surrounded by many remarkable buildings. This place is also very near to Pont Neuf, which is a famous bridge of France. This place has a quiet rural atmosphere and the couples love to dine or have a drink at the terraces of small restaurants lining this square. They may also spend time in Square du Vert Galant, which is close to Place Dauphine, by watching the cruises on the river and the greenery around, while enjoying the warmth of sunlight. However, this place becomes colder after sunset and so it is better to keep some warm clothes if planned to spend an evening here.

Le Pont Neuf de la place Dauphine

Montmartre is a hill on the 18th arrondissement of Paris, which is famous for housing Musee de Montmartre, an ancient museum of France. The garden of this museum is very romantic because of the numerous flowers blooming during the warmer seasons. There is a cafe where the couples can enjoy tea and pastries, apart from enjoying some cozy moments together.

Montmartre – Paris

Related questions

What other things that the couples can do for enjoyment?

If you want an exclusive romantic date, you should go for on a luxury cruise over the River Seine. There are Bateaux cruises that offer enjoyable tours so that people can relish on French cuisines and cocktails while viewing the notable sites, like Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame from the boat. So in spite of the high costs, this option of cruise dinner is certainly very impressive to most of the girls.
If sightseeing is your foremost desire, then you may go for a horse ride with your ladylove, which seems to be quite sophisticated for many couples. However, if your girlfriend is afraid of riding a horse, you can hire a horse-driven carriage to move around the city of Paris. There are many royal looking carriages that take the tourists for sightseeing of all the local landmarks, like Champs-Élysées and Eiffel Tower.

Hotel accommodation facilities for couples in Paris

There are numbers of luxury hotels in different parts of Paris, which are mostly in close proximity to the famous tourist spots of this city. The couples love the comfortable double bedrooms of these hotels, provided with all the necessary modern amenities, like coffee maker, LED TV, and Wi-Fi connection. These hotels are available at affordable prices and some couples also prefer hostel accommodation for lower costs.



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