What to Pack for Paris in Winter?

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, which is a favorite tourist destination even in the winter. The actual winter of Paris lasts from December to February, when the weather is extremely cold and rainy. The snowfall generally starts from the end of January and continues well in February. So in this article, I am going to help you in packing the right clothes and other items that will make you comfortable even in this chilling weather of Paris and make your vacation truly enjoyable.

So you must be wondering what type of clothes to pack for vacationing in Paris during winter? Since it is extremely cold there, you should make sure to pack some woolen clothes, like sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, fleece tops, and jackets in your travel bag. You may carry 2 -3 pullovers of bright colors to wear while you enjoy the vibrant nightlife of this city. Woolen or silk thermals with long sleeves are essential to keep yourself totally warm in the chilling cold there. The fashionable thermal tops may be ideal for you to wear during the daytime tours here. Fleece lined leggings are ideal for wearing in this extremely cold weather. Heavy pants of dark denim or a pair of jeans should be packed in your travel bag to keep your legs warm in this weather. In extremely cold weather, you may wear the fleece leggings below your jeans, to make yourself comfortable.

This is not everything that you need to pack up in your traveling bag. I have only made suggestions on what to pack for wearing in Paris till now. You need many more essential things that will make your vacation a memorable one, which should be free of all hassles. You need to know in details about the importance of the warm clothing that you will be carrying with you.

What types of outerwear should you pack in?

A heavy and puffy winter coat is also a good option for packing, though it will occupy a large space in your bag. Due to the rainy weather, never forget to carry a stylish raincoat that can save you from getting wet in the rains. However, an expensive leather jacket may also be ideal for wearing to beat the rains on the roads of Paris. The lightweight waterproof jackets of reputed brands may also be perfect for stepping out in style in this beautiful city. The ladies often prefer woolen ponchos and loose cardigans to show their style in this city.

You need to keep your feet warm with the black leather boots which should be waterproof, with thick lining inside. If you are planning to go for mountaineering or skiing, you may also pack your snow boots or hiking boots. You may also pack thick leather snickers for wearing comfortably in your hotel room and lobbies or while going for dinner in the local cafeteria. You should not forget to pack matching woolen stockings and warm socks to wear with these shoes and snickers.

You should not forget to pack a woolen muffler that will protect your head and neck from the chilling cold air in the evenings. You should also pack a number of colorful woolen scarves to match your warm wears while touring in Paris. As the scarves protect only your neck from cold, you need to cover your head with woolen knit caps or fashionable hats. Your fingers need a touch of warmth in the leather gloves and wrist warmers, which are included among the most essential accessories for your winter vacation in Paris. A couple of hand warmers may be added as well, to keep your hands warm while traveling as well.

The necessity of carrying fashionable winter wears for your Paris trip
You need to know where you can get all these warm clothes, mainly if you belong to a warmer land. Paris is known to be a prime site of fashion in the world. So you should not look unsmart wearing attires that are out of fashion now! So it is best to visit your nearest shopping mall and have a look at the branded garments that will make you look most stylish when you step out of Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. So it is best to calculate this expense of buying new warm clothing and accessories when you are making up the budget for your upcoming trip to Paris. However, many companies offer discounts during winter on their warm wears, which can help you in lowering the prices of these costly apparels. You may consult the fashion magazines to know about the current winter fashion in Paris so that you may do your shopping accordingly.

Weather report of Paris during winter

The average temperature in a winter day of Paris remains at 42 degrees Fahrenheit, which may seem to be a cold wave to the people arriving from the warmer lands of Asia or MiddleEast. However, the people from the Arctic region may not feel so cold in Paris, comparing to the winter of their homelands. The winters of this city generally remain cloudy on most of the days, accompanied with occasional showers. But snowfall does not start before the mid-January. So you need to keep this weather condition in mind while packing your bags for spending the winter vacation here. You may check the present weather condition of Paris with your travel agency, to be absolutely ready for your pleasure trip.

Ideal bags to carry your expensive belongings

The handbag that you intend to carry while traveling should have anti-theft mechanisms, to prevent loss of your important belongings. The cross-body handbags are considered to be somewhat safer than the ordinary purses, as it is tougher to snatch those bags from you on the road. Your handbag should be large enough to carry an umbrella and a bottle of water while sightseeing in Paris. However, the large trolley bags are the ideal ones for fitting all your heavy winter wears to be carried during this trip. You need to check if these bags have a secure locking system, to keep your belongings safe when you are away from your hotel room. It is better to ensure your tour from a reliable insurance company, to make sure of avoiding any financial loss during the trip.

Related questions

What are the items of daily use to be packed for vacation in Paris during winter?

You should not forget to pack other essential items, like your special toiletries for winter, including moisturizing lotion, cold cream, and white petroleum jelly to keep your skin hydrated and supple in the chilling cold weather. If you want to look handsome, you should carry a mirror, a pack of hair gel and other cosmetics that you use regularly, mainly during winter. You may carry some disposable instant toothbrushes, to brush your teeth after every meal or drink.

What essential items you cannot afford to forget packing in your handbag?

If you are traveling to Paris from another country, then you cannot forget to take your passport, visa, and air tickets in your handbag. Moreover, you should also carry some other identity proofs with you, to keep you safe in case of any controversy. You should also carry a sufficient amount of cash with you, as you need to spend on shopping, touring and eating French delicacies in Paris. If you have any credit card that is operable in France, you cannot miss on carrying it too. It is also better to carry a travel guide or itinerary for getting ready information about the tour in Paris.

What costly gadgets do you want to carry with you on your trip to Paris?

Since you are going on a holiday trip, your camera is a must item to be carried in your bag. Since the modern digital cameras have rechargeable batteries, you should carry that charger as well, as you need to charge these batteries every day, due to the cold weather of Paris. You should double check to carry the charger of your mobile, which will keep you connected to your dear ones back home. Though it is a pleasure trip, you may still carry your laptop and its charger in the laptop bag, to keep yourself updated and entertained at free times. You may also carry your tab or e-reader for the same purpose, along with their chargers.

How many days are you going to spend on your trip?

Lastly, you must pack your warm clothing in your travel bag according to the number of days you have planned to spend in Paris. The numbers of sweaters, hats, mufflers, and scarves depend on your tour schedule, leading to the weight of your baggage. The calculative packing of your bags will surely make your trip to Paris very enjoyable even in this chilling winter.

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