Where to Buy Your First Chanel Bag in Paris?

Buying a first Chanel Bag is really a sacred experience for those who are a fashion lover. It generally takes a lot of patience, thinking, and obviously savings and few months of sacrifices.
Though having very stable prices across the globe, CHANEL is still more cheap and affordable to buy from one of its main manufacturing city, Paris.

It is comparatively less expensive and other western countries. The whole of Europe runs with the no VAT tax and exchange policy which have to lead to increasing the brand’s sales to a higher level. But one needs to visit Paris and buy them at cheaper rates, which is only possible if one thinks of saving money to plan a Paris trip.

Here, one does not obviously need to plan a trip to Paris, especially for a bag. One can also have options to buy it online, but at a very heavy shipping charge applied on it. But if any time there is a chance to visit Paris, one shall not skip buying a Chanel bag which is prominent to have nowadays for all female users.

Where to buy your first Chanel Bag in Paris? There are some selected boutiques that are running from the very beginning keep CHANEL bags always in the stock and ready for foreign customers to buy it. The Parisian stores have always been helpful by keeping the available stock up to the date so one can have no difficulty in buying them.

If at all one is not able to visit Paris and by the bag, online shopping is a convenient option for her. As there are many French websites which will keep the original made in Paris CHANEL bag in stock at a reasonable price. But one needs to have a credit card – MasterCard/ Visa card for buying the bag.

Channel Brand

Some Popular Stores in Paris for Buying Chanel Bag:

Stores in the city center, like the renowned RUE CAMBON, has a variety of collection which is exclusive and also interesting. One can manage to buy them without getting any kind of VAT applied to it. Even the salesperson will guide you correctly if proper time is given in selection and buying. All the salesmen here are very humble to share information about the products available.

If one is also fond of shoes he/she can visit or have a look at the collection at HAUSSMANN boutique. There are also some of the leather bags of quality brands available in the store. It includes CHANEL. But is in a very small section of the overall store, as more emphasis is lead on the footwear. The interiors of the boutique have some stunning boulevard scenery.

Also for more luxury fashion items, one can visit the boutique: MONTAIGNE AND RUE ROYALE. With having only more than more listed CHANEL bags these shops have less collection in comparison to RUE CAMBON. It is also smaller in area than other shops.

Chanel boutique – Rue Cambon Paris

Some online shopping sites to get Chanel Bags:

One might face a tricky time while searching authentic bags while shopping online but here are some renowned sites that can help one to buy original Chanel bag at a lower price compared to the original. And also it won’t have any quality issues that any online product faces. These trending sites are Portero, Whatgoesaroundcomesaround, Rewind Couture and also eBay.
One can purchase all the branded bags and other products on these sites. These are oriented to French-based manufacturing units of the brands that are popularly known.

Chanel handbags on Ebay

Benefits to Foreigners get products from Paris stores:

As Europe has no VAT tax policy, Foreigners can purchase any Chanel product in its boutique and ask for a money refund by filling up a form before checking out. These forms are of two colors, white and blue, though it is not important which color form one fills, it just needs to be submitted under the correct identity. Also one should make sure filling the form in Latin Alphabets. One can take help from the local clerk to fill the form if he/she is not comfortable with the language.
One has to show passport and all the purchases done so far, along with the tax deduction form. One can get the VAT tax cut down of the products on the total bill and claim the money itself on the bill counter. One can get the refund and choose to select cash or card for getting the claimed money back in the wallet. So with this procedure, any foreigner can easily get cashback and tax deducted from their total bill.

Sales and Market values of Chanel in other countries:

Chanel has just scored one of those strategic hits that make history. The fine-tuning of a policy that progressively equals the prices of its elaborated worldwide. This measure aims to avoid price differences between countries, which have increased significantly after the recent decline of the Euro.
Chanel, who wants to reinforce the coherence of its brand, has explained that this decision will allow them to sell their products to their potential customers at the same price, regardless of where they come from.


This strategy marks a before and after in the universe of luxury. In China, for example, it will translate into a drop in prices, achieving that the prices set in this country never exceed 5% of those marked in Euros. In the rest of the countries, the range will be set at around 10% difference.

The Chinese are among the first buyers of luxury products in the world, but most of them make their purchases outside of their country, during their trips to the rest of Asia or Europe, since with the customs taxes imposed by their government added to the cost of transport luxury handbags and garments are sold on the order of 40% more expensive.
The price difference of a Chanel handbag sold in Paris or China became, in an increasingly connected world, a real image problem for the brand. And with the fall of the Euro, against the Dollar, these prices had become even more attractive for tourists from the Dollar zone who visited the Old Continent with a difference of up to 60%.

Chanel 31 Handbag

With this sales policy, Chanel advocates allowing its Chinese clientele to buy back at home. China is the third market for the brand, after the United States and Japan. The first time Chanel opened a flagship in Beijing was in 1999, but for six years now, the brand has led to the opening of new stores. At present, it can boast of having six boutiques.

Chanel – The perfect brand for Bags:

Though being a very expensive and costly brand, CHANEL still can always be trusted and worthy enough to buy it whenever one gets a chance. As the procedure for making such a quality oriented bag is never an easy task.
In all, after 180 manufacturing operations, an amazing creation of the iconic bag is done. So for such a worthy bag, 80% of the time is invested in the assembling unit. After the completion of the process, it can be sent to the QC room for checking any defects or errors left while creating it. Each bag is checked by hands of the tester throughout the day.

Chanel Chevron Shoulder Flap Bag

One cannot image the manufacturing process being so accurate just for a regular bag. So for such instance, one cannot simply conclude it by giving it a tag of a handbag. It definitely has more value than any other ordinary bag.

Every CHANEL bag is a token of appreciation if given as a gift to either self or others. One deserves to have this kind of bag in his/her life knowing what it is going to cost him after all hardships so one should not think much upon its price whether to buy it or not if she is in Paris. One should definitely buy it for knowing the fashion trends and styles that one can have with this bag.

Following are some of the quick Q&A which will usually come to your mind:

Q – Why should people come to Paris for shopping?

A – It would always please one to hear that customers are going for a refund and cashback claimed over the total bill. So in the same way Europe government has induced this rule of taking no tax and returning the claimed money to the foreigners.
So all the non-residential people are greatly benefited if they shop in Paris do not belong to Europe. There is in total 12% of tax refund in Europe compared to the USA. One can invest and buy a lot of things with this amount by saving it in every shopping bill.

Q – How can one spot fake product of CHANEL bags?

A – As everyone has overlooked thousands of CHANEL bags and after frequent observation, one will have the ability to know if it is authentic or fake. Many people can’t make out which products are fakes but it should be carefully noticed before buying so there is some noticeable change found in the quality, style, and material of the bag.
Often, at times there are serial numbers that do match with the actual product code of the bag so one should all of this in mind while buying original Chanel bag.

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